• Digg Vs. Reddit: The Infographic

    Digg Vs. Reddit: The Infographic

    There’s always been a form of healthy rivalry between Reddit and Digg, and its respective user bases. I’m one of those indifferent people who think there’s plenty of room for multiple sites of the kind, and that these sites actually make each other stronger and better in their state of co-existence. Rising tide lifting all boats and all that. Nevertheless, I was keen on… Read More

  • Reddit Convinced Roughly 6,000 Users To Subscribe So Far

    Late last week, news recommendation service reddit started soliciting users to donate i.e. subscribe to reddit gold in order to allow the Condé Nast-owned company to hire more people and buy more servers. In a new blog post, reddit says approximately 6,000 users have donated to date. That represents less than 0.1 percent of reddit’s total number of users (unique visitors?), which comes… Read More

  • Reddit Asks Users For Money To Hire People Because "Revenue Isn't Great"

    In a slightly odd blog post published Friday night, Condé Nast-owned news recommendation service reddit calls for help. The company would love to hire engineers to complement the current technical team, which has been struggling with site sluggishness and outages lately and would also like to add some new features to reddit at some point. However, they write, although the company is owned by… Read More

  • Reddit Finally Becomes Usable On The Mobile Web — Cause They Hate The App Store

    If you have an iPhone or an Android phone and you’ve ever visiting, you know it sucks. Reddit has never been about design, but the text is so small and the layout is spaced so poorly that it’s basically impossible to use and read on a small screen. The mobile optimized version of Reddit isn’t much better. Today, that finally changes. Reddit has completely revamped… Read More

  • Guy Who Copied Digg Slams Digg For Copying Twitter

    One of the founders of Reddit, a Digg-clone, openly criticized Digg founder Kevin Rose yesterday for his plans to implement “me-too” features into the new version of the service. We consider this to be absurd and rather impolite. Yesterday we discovered a video showing some of the features of the upcoming relaunch of Digg. In a nutshell, Digg has been trying to find a way to… Read More

  • Reddit Revamps Its Sponsored Link Platform (With Some Help From The Oatmeal)

    Last fall Reddit, a very popular link sharing community, launched a new self-serve ad platform that allowed any of its users to spend a little dough to get their links prominently displayed on the site. The logic? People were always trying to game the system anyway, so Reddit figured it might as well get them to pay for it. Today, Reddit is rolling out an upgraded version of the ad… Read More

  • Reddit Users Band Together For Largest Secret Santa Ever

    It’s easy to look at sites like Reddit, Digg, or any other substantially large web community, and view their aggregate userbase with a certain level of disdain —  anonymity has the nasty habit of turning reasonable people into world-class jerks. But sometimes we come across stories that reaffirm that there are honest, kind people behind many of these avatars. One such case… Read More

  • Reddit Opens Its Homepage To Anyone Willing To Pay (Invites)

    In a world where Facebook and Twitter dominate the headlines, it’s easy to forget that other social properties, like Reddit still send a ton of traffic to sites. But they absolutely do, and now you can buy your way into that. Starting today, Reddit is testing out a new closed beta experiment to allow anyone to purchase a sponsored link on Reddit’s homepage. Yes, that means you… Read More

  • Three Years After Their Acquisition, Reddit Founders Move On

    Reddit founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian have just announced that they’ll be leaving the company come October 31, when their contracts expire. The news doesn’t come as a huge surprise — it will have been three years to the day that Condé Nast acquired Reddit, and the founders likely had a three year contract as part of the deal. Reddit’s post notes that… Read More

  • Instant Karma! Reddit's New Real-Time Karma Tracking App

    One of the best features of Reddit that differentiates it from competitors is its karma system. Simply put, it’s an easy way to distinguish the submissions and comments from good users versus the bad ones. It’s also kind of a game to play. And as with all games, it’s more fun to play in real-time. And Reddit now has a app to do just that. RedditAddict Lite is a new… Read More

  • Get A Job With Reddit Jobs. Or At Least Vote On One.

    There are no shortage of job listing sites out there, especially in this economy. But how do you know if the jobs listed on any of them are actually any good? Why not vote on them? Not surprisingly, that’s a key selling point of Reddit Jobs, a new job listing site branded by the popular social voting site. Just with the regular Reddit site, on the main page you’ll see a list of… Read More

  • Mixx Still Growing (But Not Fast Enough), Relaunches Website

    Mixx is steadily growing, and they’re hoping to spur even greater traffic increases with a completely revamped website. But every social news service is showing growth, and Mixx actually appears to be lagging if you compare publicly available data. Last time we wrote about Mixx, they were touting healthy traffic numbers and boasting the fact that Hitwise report suggested that its users… Read More

  • Y Combinator's Slinkset Launches Hosted Reddits For The Masses

    Three years ago, Paul Graham and his Y Combinator incubator funded Reddit, a social news site that has grown to over 2.5 million unique visitors a month. Reddit has never been able to match the success of Digg, its closest competitor, but in 2006 it got its payday after being acquired by Condé Nast/Wired for an undisclosed amount. Now, it seems that Y Combinator is hoping that lightning… Read More

  • Introducing TechNews, Based On Reddit's Open Source Project

    Reddit announced an open source version of its popular news aggregator service this evening, and we’ve launched our own version of the service, called TechCrunch TechNews. Links from any news source can be added, we’ll leave it up to the community to filter it up or down. This is to take nothing away from Reddit itself, or Digg, Hacker News or the other dozens of news… Read More

  • Update: Reddit Tries To Compete the Open-Source Way

    It is not easy being No.2. As we hinted yesterday, Reddit, the news voting site that was bought by Conde Nast in 2006, is making the code behind its site open source. (The code can be found here). That means anyone can now make their own Digg-like site. Not that there has been any lack of Digg clones in the past. Reddit’s move to open-source its software is merely an acknowledgment… Read More

  • What is Reddit Announcing Tomorrow? And Why Is A Penguin Involved?

    Social news website Reddit will be making an announcement at its invite-only party tomorrow in San Francisco. Invites include the image above, prominently featuring a mysterious penguin alongside the company’s logo (the alien thing). So what are they getting at? Penguins have long been associated with the open-source OS Linux, stemming from Linus Torvalds’s decision to use one… Read More

  • Little Known Hacker News Is My First Read Every Morning

    Hacker News is a Digg/Reddit-like site that I am visiting more and more often. It’s my first stop in the morning, and I check it out a few times during the day as well. Why? Because it’s focused mostly on startup and hacking news, which is what we cover. It’s one of the best places to find information on startups we haven’t heard about yet. And, better, the community… Read More

  • Digg Competitor Mixx Takes $2 Million Series A1

    Social voting outfit Mixx has taken $2 million Series A1 in a round led by existing investor InterSouth Partners. Mixx offers a category based social voting service that competes with sites such as Digg, Reddit and Propeller. McLean, Virginia based Mixx was launched in September 2007 with talent including former executives from Yahoo!, AOL, USA TODAY and The Associated Press. The company… Read More

  • Mixx To Cluster Related Stories – Digg Should Have Done This

    Digg competitor Mixx continues to impress us with new features (although the exodus of Digg users to them may have been short lived). A new feature launches this week on Mixx called Related Items. It solves a common problem found on Digg and other sites where multiple articles on the same story compete with each other to get to the home page. One person may submit a story from USAToday. Read More

  • Reddit Adds Ability to Create Your Own "Reddits"

    According to a company blog post, social news site Reddit has launched, in closed beta, the ability for users to create their own “reddits”. The new feature will eventually allow all users to create their own social news lists for chosen topics. These customized reddits will come in three flavors: public, restricted, and private. If you set up a public reddit, every Reddit user will… Read More