• Reddit Evolves Into Reddit Inc., Begins Search For New CEO

    Reddit Evolves Into Reddit Inc., Begins Search For New CEO

    Happy Tuesday after Labor Day everybody! In other news, beloved Internet hangout reddit has spun out of Conde Nast and will become its own independent entity, reddit inc, owned by Conde Nast parent company Advance publications. In a blog post coincidentally enough entitled “Independence,” reddit General Manager Erik Martin implies that the organizational change was due to a… Read More

  • Reddit Acquires Fan-Made Secret Santa Site, RedditGifts

    Reddit Acquires Fan-Made Secret Santa Site, RedditGifts

    After spending far too much time with far too little support from their owners at Condé Nast, Reddit is on a bit of a roll lately. They’ve gone on a handful of hiring sprees this year, moved into a bigger, better office… and now, they’ve made their first acquisition: RedditGifts. For the non-Redditors out there (yeah, yeah, Narwhal bacons at Midnight and all that)… Read More

  • AMA: A Peek Into The Future Of Google Docs

    Earlier today, a handful of members of the Google Docs team announced that they were doing something fairly unusual for employees at a large company: they’re giving members of the popular link-sharing site Reddit a chance to ask them anything (you can find the thread right here). The team has now responded to plenty of questions, offering some insight into where Google’s free… Read More

  • Ohanian on the Impact of Jobs and Investors' Attitudes

    (Founder Stories) Reddit's Alexis Ohanian Bows To "Lord Jobs" And Jabs Investors

    Color gets bashed as being a contributing player to the so called startup bubble and the frat-boy attitude of investors from the Web 1.0 era don’t do much better in this episode of Founder Stories with host Chris Dixon and Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian. In a conversation spanning a variety of topics, you’ll hear Ohanian describe how “Lord Jobs” has… Read More

  • Ohanian's Life Outside of Reddit

    (Founder Stories) From Paul Newman to Paul Graham with Alexis Ohanian (TCTV)

    Alexis Ohanain continues his coversation with Founder Stories host Chris Dixon by discussing some of his activities and interests outside of Reddit. Highlights of their chat include Ohanian telling Dixon he considers Paul Newman, “the OG of social enterprise” and that Newman was the inspiration for Breadpig, Ohanian’s organization that creates “geeky things”… Read More

  • Alexis Ohanian on Starting Reddit

    (Founder Stories) Reddit's Ohanian: What Competition? (TCTV)

    In this episode of Founder Stories with host Chris Dixon, Reddit Founder, Alexis Ohanian takes Dixon back to his college days at the University of Virginia where he and co-founder Steve Huffman bonded over video games and began plotting ways to avoid taking a real job after graduation. Not wanting to be holed-up in a cubicle for 50 years, they submitted an idea to Y Combinator, the idea… Read More

  • The Age Of Relevance

    The Age Of Relevance

    What’s the Next Big Thing after social networking? This has been a favorite topic of much speculation among tech enthusiasts for many years. I think we are already witnessing a paradigm shift – a move away from simple social sharing towards personalized, relevant content. The key element of the next big thing is the increasing significance of the Interest Graph to complement the… Read More

  • Why Starting Was A Really Bad Idea, But I'm Glad We Did It Anyway

    Right now I’m neck deep in product launch mode, putting the finishing touches on our new mobile video application—Socialcam. Of course, I’ve been here before . . . Years ago when we launched the show we had no idea what we were doing. This much was obvious to anyone who watched. Outsiders attribute far more strategic thought to the venture than we gave it. Some… Read More

  • Reddit Doubling Down On Programmers — Almost Six Years After Launching

    Normally, when you hear that a company is doubling their programming team, you’d likely assume it’s some red-hot new startup. But this time, it’s actually a company that’s over five years old. And one that was acquired well over four years ago. Reddit. By most accounts, the past several years under Conde Nast rule have seen Reddit run very lean — probably far… Read More

  • Google Unveils Chrome 9 And Credits Reddit For Their Help Fixing It

    Google has made a big deal recently about not making a big deal about the version numbers of Chrome. “It’s just a number” is the basic take these days. In fact, they care barely be even bothered to announce them at all sometimes. But today, they did actually take some time to acknowledge the latest version — and a funny partner who made it all possible. Google has… Read More

  • VBS.TV And Reddit Are Leading Us Into The Golden Era Of Information Discovery

    Something just happened online that is highly indicative of where we’re headed in terms of new media. Look at these two stories on VBS.TV and Reddit. They are totally independent from each other and nine months apart, but the two sites are presenting readers with unparalleled access to a fascinating story: how an Oklahoman was inspired by a ’60s-era underwater adventure show, went… Read More

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