• Coinstar Not Necessarily Not Partnering With Apple On Something Or Nothing

    Coinstar Not Necessarily Not Partnering With Apple On Something Or Nothing

    Can someone please explain this Bloomberg Businessweek story to me? I’ve read it a few times and am still having a hard time understanding what is or what isn’t being implied, or not implied, about a partnership between Coinstar and Apple. First of all, the title is awful because most people likely don’t know that Coinstar owns Redbox (they acquired them last year), the… Read More

  • Wait, A Hollywood Exec Actually Making Sense With Regard To Movie Rentals And The Web?

    Wait, A Hollywood Exec Actually Making Sense With Regard To Movie Rentals And The Web?

    Wait a second, what’s this? I must not be reading this correctly. An executive for a major Hollywood studio is actually making sense and speaking logically when talking about DVD rental windows and the web? This is a joke, right? A bargaining tactic? If I’m correctly reading what Paramount Home Entertainment President Dennis Maguire told the LA Times, I don’t think… Read More

  • Warner's Strategy Revealed: Close Eyes, Pretend It's 2002

    Warner's Strategy Revealed: Close Eyes, Pretend It's 2002

    When’s the last time you were at a Blockbuster? For me, it’s been a few years. And it’s been several years since I was going regularly. And I was only doing that because the then-Viacom-backed-giant drove the mom and pop video stores out of business in my community. I have no desire to ever step into a Blockbuster store ever again. But Warner Bros. sure wants me to. Today… Read More

  • And now Redbox will have to wait 28 days for new Warner Bros. DVDs

    Warner Bros. has agreed a new deal with Redbox that will give Redbox access to its DVDs, but only 28 days after the retail release. The move is designed to encourage people to actually buy the shiny, new DVDs when they come out. Why is that a problem? Read More

  • Bloodied By Warner, Redbox Also Damns New Releases To Piracy

    Bloodied By Warner, Redbox Also Damns New Releases To Piracy

    As some of you know, I’ve been bitching up a storm about Netflix’s decision to give in to Warner Bros. demand that they not rent new release DVDs until after a 28-day window has expired. Today, Redbox, has announced they’ll do the exact same thing. Simply put, this is another blow to consumers and a big potential win for piracy. Naturally, Warner is playing this up as a win… Read More

  • Redbox is making life very difficult for the movie industry

    Proving once again you can find a study to prove almost anything, a report came out today showing that Redbox will bring down the movie industry by continuing with their $1 a night business model. Sounds like some sour grapes to me. Read More

  • Redbox still working on getting games to its rental kiosks

    Do you have any idea how effen cool it will be if Redbox kiosks start spitting out video games? Think about this: you would be able to get your beer, Funyuns, and rent the latest gaming titles at one location. The future is near, friends and Redbox is still pursuing the game rental market. Actually, Redbox is experiencing some technical difficulties. You see, Warner Bros, Twentieth Century… Read More

  • Blockbuster Express DVD rental kiosks to invade NYC

    Look out, NYC. Blockbuster is getting ready to roll out 200 Blockbuster Express DVD rental kiosks in New York City. Why you ask? Well, according to the WSJ report, NYC is a Redbox weak spot with only three kiosks in the entire city while there are more than 20,000 nationwide. But just like the original DVD rental kiosk, Redbox, Blockbuster Express offers first run movies (which the movie… Read More

  • We Know Hollywood Is This Dumb. Et Tu, Netflix?

    Back in August, we wrote about the Hollywood movie studios conspiring to keep new release DVDs away from services like Netflix and Redbox for as many as 30 days after their release. The idea behind this from Hollywood’s perspective is simple: If people can’t rent movies right away, they’ll buy more. Sorry, did I say the idea was “simple”? I meant… Read More

  • The Movie Studios Have A Great Idea To Ramp Up Piracy. And Blockbuster Wants To Help.

    Movie piracy is a problem, but it’s not as huge of a problem as music piracy was this past decade. While certainly the size of the movie files and the need for fast broadband connections to get them in a reasonable amount of time plays into it somewhat, also helping is the fact that there are some fairly decent ways to get movies quickly, for a pretty fair price these days. And now… Read More