• Deadpool: Red Envelope Files For Bankruptcy

    I can’t say we didn’t see this coming. Quirky online gift catalog site Red Envelope filed for bankruptcy on April 17, according to an SEC filing. Its assets will be purchased by Creative Catalogs in exchange for $5.7 million and the assumption of debt. Red Envelope is also getting a $4.5 million debtor-in-possession line of credit from Creative Catalogs and Granite Creek… Read More

  • Red Envelope Saga All But Over

    Bad news for San Francisco based ecommerce site Red Envelope, an “upmarket online retailer with the primary goal of making gift giving easy and fun”: it’s about done. The company’s market cap is just $2.95 million even though it has cash on hand of nearly $12.3 million. The stock is trading at $0.23/share – it was as high as $8.42 in the last year. Red Envelope… Read More