• Multiplayer Facebook Game Trash Tycoon Trains You To Be Green (But In A Fun Way)

    Guerillapps, a social game maker, debuted a cool new Facebook game at Disrupt NYC that is adding a new spin to green games. What’s more, from what I can tell, Trash Tycoon is the first “upcycling” game to hit the Facebook platform. But what is this “upcycling”, you ask? Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials into new products of better quality… Read More

  • Turning One Company's Trash Into Another's Treasure, RecycleMatch Brings Site Out Of Beta, Hires New CEO

    Today, RecycleMatch — a Houston-based startup that helps businesses sell or give away stuff to recyclers and manufacturers so that they don’t have to send it to a landfill — took its online marketplace out of beta, unveiling several new features and services. If the site performs as hoped, RecycleMatch could become the Alibaba, eBay or Amazon of waste-management and… Read More

  • Car Battery Makers, Johnson Controls, Building A $150 Million Recycling Plant In South Carolina

    Automotive parts and batteries manufacturer, Johnson Controls Inc., broke ground on a new, battery recycling plant in Florence, South Carolina, today. Local and national environmental groups there reached consensus with the company on air emissions standards in August 2010, allowing the company to embark on its plans to build a $150 million facility, taking up about 36 acres of a 270-acre… Read More

  • A Facebook Game With a Mission: Waste Management to Launch Oceanopolis

    Waste Management and its subsidiary Greenopolis are diving into social gaming with a new Facebook app called Oceanopolis. The game will launch in beta, with a full rollout expected in the coming weeks. In the game, players maintain their own island by recycling trash to build a sustainable community and interacting with friends. Points earned virtually turn into printable coupons that can be… Read More

  • DIY: Convert a disposable camera into a slave flash

    Buying a flash unit can be expensive, but here’s a cheapskate alternative that will do the job, at least for a while. Plus, you’re recycling a disposable camera into something reusable, and saving all those bits from the landfill. Besides, once you use all of the flash out of one disposable camera, you can always build another one to replace it, and recycle the first one. Read More

  • ex-Sprint and Radio Shack execs try to save the world with eRecyclingCorps

    65,000 tons of mobile phone e-waste are generated every year. The bad news is, only 1% of consumers choose to recycle their headsets when they upgrade. eRecyclingCorps is working with carriers to integrate the recycling process into the POS sale system at the retail store. Read More

  • Recycling may save, but trash can power your home

    If you live in Spain that is. University of Zaragoza researchers have been looking into using various forms of solid waste to generate electricity for the nation, up to as much as 7%. What is it lately with all this decaying matter being useful? Read More

  • Developing countries, in race out of poverty, will produce more E-Waste

    UN Under-Secretary-General Achim Steiner gave a talk at an environment protection conference in Bali describing a growing problem among developing nations: e-waste. While places like China and India already have their own problems with informal e-waste recycling, the UN expects to see the same intractable problems surface in Africa and Latin America while levels of trash will double or triple… Read More

  • Videos: Machine turns office paper into toilet paper

    What we have here is a machine that automatically turns office paper into toilet paper. It’s called White Goat (seriously) and is made by a Japanese company called Oriental [JP]. The way it works is simple: You just feed the machine with about 40 sheets of office (or whatever) paper, wait for 30 minutes and take out a perfectly made toilet paper roll. The machine shreds the paper, which… Read More

  • Dell and Goodwill add more free computer recycling drop off sites

    Ever tried to get rid of an old, sack o’ crap computer? It’s not as easy as it sounds. You can’t just throw it in the garbage (legally), charitable organizations have finally realized that it takes more time and effort than it’s worth to refurbish a 486 DX2/66 machine that nobody’s going to use anyway, and dumping the computer at your municipal recycling center… Read More

  • DIY laptop case made out of bags

    Love the Earth? Love plastic bags? Why not melt them together and add an old t-shirt for the lining in order to create a laptop case? Using an iron and a bunch of crinkly bags you can create sheets of plastic that you can then sew together to create a bag, jacket, or pants, thereby save the Earth and showing the world how much you like bags in one fell swoop. Read More