Rebecca Black

  • If Music Be Thy Dream Of Filthy Lucre, Press Stop

    If Music Be Thy Dream Of Filthy Lucre, Press Stop

    I always enjoy seeing science fiction prophecies come true. Last month, Broadcastr. This month, Wolfram Alpha's WolframTones, modestly subtitled "A New Kind Of Music." (Yes, that would be the same breathtaking humility that led them to originally price the Wolfram Alpha app at a hilarious $50. Fortunately, they subsequently bought a clue.) It is pretty cool, in a geeky sort of way: music Read More

  • Rebecca Black Means The (Internet) Fame Game Has Changed

    The video for Rebecca Black's "Friday" now has more YouTube views than Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" at around 26 million versus 22 million for Gaga. For those of you that haven't been playing along with the meme, Rebecca Black is a thirteen year old singer whose parents paid $2,000 to have a "professional" music video made by a YouTube popstar factory called, appropriately enough, ARK Factory. The… Read More