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  • Against The Singularity Crunch Network

    Against The Singularity

    Ray Kurzweil’s predictions of the Singularity annoy me sufficiently that I once sat down to write a TechCrunch column attacking them. A brief primer: Singularity theory argues that our exponential technological growth will, several decades hence, culminate in an unimaginable transcendence that redefines humanity, sentience, and/or reality. It is also known as the Rapture of the Nerds Read More

  • Imagining The Future: Ray Kurzweil Has “Unlimited Resources” For AI, Language Research At Google

    Imagining The Future: Ray Kurzweil Has “Unlimited Resources” For AI, Language Research At Google

    Last month, famed inventor, entrepreneur and futurist, Ray Kurwzeil, announced that he was joining Google as a director of engineering. Many have wondered what Kurzweil’s new position would mean for Google and the billions of people its global reach directly or indirectly touches. Would they be uploading Kurzweil’s brain into their datacenters? Become the next Skynet? Speaking at… Read More

  • Ray Kurzweil on Healthy Living in Startup

    Ray Kurzweil: “You Are What You Think” [TCTV]

    Here is the second half of our two-part interview with legendary inventor and thought leader Ray Kurzweil (you can see part one here.) Here, Kurzweil discusses why sleep is so important for technological innovation (but it’s OK to party and program all night once in a while), why facts are better off on Wikipedia than being drilled into students’ brains, the latest bit of… Read More

  • Ray Kurzweil Talks Entrepreneurship, Apps, and The Future Of Education

    Ray Kurzweil Talks Entrepreneurship, Apps, And The Future Of Education [TCTV]

    Legendary scientist, inventor, futurist, and all-around tech icon Ray Kurzweil is attending the ongoing South By Southwest Interactive conference for the first time ever this year, and TechCrunch TV was very excited to be able to sit down with him for an interview. In this first half of our talk, watch Kurzweil discuss why we need more young entrepreneurs, how today’s consumer app… Read More