• 180 Apps Launch At Rails Rumble 2010: Our Five Favorites

    Astute readers may have noticed a common thread between some of the apps that have been appearing on TechCrunch this past week – namely, that they were built in 48 hours. It’s not just a coincidence: those apps were just two out of nearly 200 that were built in 48 hours this past weekend during the fourth edition of the Rails Rumble coding competition. Each team of up to four… Read More

  • Go FISHn Casts Off As A Fishing Site For The Facebook Age

    Ned Desmond has gone fishin’ and he wants you to Go FISHn too. Today, Desmond launched a fishing site for the Facebook age. You can sign in with your Facebook ID, share fishing stories and photos with your friends, ask questions to fishing pros and the community, and review all the gear in your tackle box. Go FISHn is an enthusiast site for people who love to fish—and… Read More

  • 131 Rails Apps Launched This Past Weekend; You Get To Vote For The Best

    The 2008 Rails Rumble, a competition for Ruby on Rails coders, saw 131 web applications launch into the wild this past weekend. The quality of the applications increased dramatically this year, turning the competition into something of a startup hyper-incubator, with the goal of producing apps that not only win votes but become sustained products. The rules are simple: you, along with up to… Read More