• Crowdsourced Streaming Music Service Jelli Arrives On Android, Adds SXSW Radio

    Crowdsourced Streaming Music Service Jelli Arrives On Android, Adds SXSW Radio

    Jelli, the user-controlled music streaming service, is releasing a specially curated SXSW-themed station today, which will feature the indie bands playing at the festival. The playlist for the station will be crowdsourced in real-time and made available on both web and mobile. And speaking of mobile, Jelli has good news on that front, too – it’s finally available on Android. Read More

  • Pandora Competitor Senzari Arrives In Spain With New Look, Facebook-Based Recommendations

    Pandora Competitor Senzari Arrives In Spain With New Look, Facebook-Based Recommendations

    Miami-based streaming music startup Senzari, backed by $2 million in angel funding, is continuing its international rollout today with an entrance into its third market since its U.S. launch into private beta last December. Today, the company is announcing that it’s dropping the invite-only status as it moves into Spain, where it has signed a strategic partnership deal with MTV… Read More

  • With $2 Million In Funding, Senzari Prepares To Take On Pandora

    There are two main complaints that always crop up whenever you mention Pandora: its music catalog is too small and it’s not available outside the U.S. That’s room enough for another startup to move into the streaming radio space, at least according to the folks at the new Miami-based streaming music startup Senzari. The service recently launched into private beta in the U.S. Read More

  • Gooood Morning, Nerdinam: FlipZu Makes You An Instant Broadcaster

    Gooood Morning, Nerdinam: FlipZu Makes You An Instant Broadcaster

    You, too, can be just like Hard Harry, dropping the truth on your neatly manicured suburban hellhole from the privacy of your sweat-stinking bedroom. Tell the man off. Rail against the principals. Get the FCC on your tail (not really.) Because FlipZu is here to help you build your own pirate radio station. The browser based app (Android and iPhone versions are also available) lets you… Read More

  • Radio and Records: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

    The Internet, wireless technology, evolving consumer trends and other factors have merged into a perfect storm putting significant stress on the relationship between record labels and their artists, and the radio industry that plays their music. The symbiosis that kept these two mega industries functioning effectively together for decades is now gone as each is confronted with a future… Read More

  • Welcome To The U.S.! What Spotify Can Expect When It Arrives

    I just read that Spotify is coming to the U.S! Oh, wait. That was an article from 2009. I hope they really mean it this time. I love the product. To grease the skids for them a bit, I’ve put together a little travel guide for what they can expect in advertising and media circles when they do arrive. Lots of love in digital circles. Being Swedish I’m guessing they’re… Read More

  • Ex-AOL Content Chief Bill Wilson Brings His Niche Media Strategy And Old Crew To Radio

    When Bill Wilson was in charge of content at AOL, he launched dozens of niche sites under their own sub-brands—everything from Daily Finance to country-music site The Boot. Last February, Wilson left AOL and landed at Townsquare Media, a radio company which owns 171 local stations. As the chief digital officer at Townsquare, he is bringing some of the niche media strategy he developed… Read More

  • Amidst Howard Stern Negotiations & Numerous Talent Firings, The Question Becomes: Where Are You Going, Sirius XM?

    Sirius XM appears to be at a bit of a crossroads. Howard Stern, arguably the company’s most recognizable on-air talent, has all but decided to negotiate his new contract in public, recently stating that “I do get a little charge out of thinking that in December we might be done. I get a little turned on by that.” Mere negotiating tactics, or a genuine feeling of wanting out? Read More

  • Sony Japan busts out cassette(!)/radio/CD-player combo

    It’s not a joke: Today, Sony in Japan did announce [JP] a portable cassette tape/radio/CD-player. Technically, the CFD-A110 is based on a model Sony introduced exactly seven years ago. The company updated the hardware because Japan plans to stop analogue radio transmission next year (the updated model can’t receive these signals). Read More