• DreamHost Enters Cloud Storage Fray With Ceph-Powered DreamObjects

    DreamHost Enters Cloud Storage Fray With Ceph-Powered DreamObjects

    In the beginning there was Amazon Simple Storage Service. And it was good. Soon after came Rackspace Cloud Files. And it was good. Today DreamHost is announcing their DreamObjects cloud storage solution to offer customers another hosted storage option. DreamObjects storage is provided by Ceph, the distributed object store created by DreamHost co-founder Sage Weil. Ceph itself offers API… Read More

  • Rackspace Acquires Mailgun, A Y Combinator Startup That Gives App Developers An API For Creating And Managing Online Mailboxes

    Rackspace Acquires Mailgun, A Y Combinator Startup That Gives App Developers An API For Creating And Managing Online Mailboxes

    Rackspace has acquired Mailgun, a San Francisco-based Y Combinator startup that has developed an API for creating and managing online email inboxes for apps and websites. It’s a concept that sounds simple on its face, but Mailgun’s ease of use and sophisticated routing can provide a number of new functionalities to web apps and web pages that is all done programatically. Terms of… Read More

  • AppFog And Rackspace Want To Break Your App Out Of Amazon’s Walled Garden

    AppFog And Rackspace Want To Break Your App Out Of Amazon’s Walled Garden

    During the great Amazon Web Services outages of April 2011 and June 2012 many users were stuck. They could, in theory, move their apps to another AWS region, or to another cloud provider altogether. But in practice the architecture of AWS regions are unique – each one supports slightly different features and APIs. The thing is, every cloud provider will eventually have some downtime. Read More

  • AppFog Wants To Do For Developer Platforms What Google Did For EMail

    AppFog Wants To Do For Developer Platforms What Google Did For EMail

    AppFog is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider that wants to do for developer platforms what Google did for GMail. GMail launched in 2004 by giving its users  a distributed service with 2 gigabytes (GB) of free disc space. Search made it possible. It disrupted competitors like Hotmail that provided a measly 2 mb of free space. Read More

  • Rackspace Buys Server Management Platform Cloudkick

    Hosting company Rackspace is acquiring Y Combinator-backed startup Cloudkick, which offers a full-fledged server management system to businesses. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Cloudkick, which launched in early 2009, provides detailed graphs on the health of your servers, and tools to categorize and keep information about what each server is doing. Cloudkick serves more than 1,500… Read More

  • Rackspace Pulls The Plug On ‘Burn A Koran Day’ Church's Web Site (UPDATE: Burning Cancelled)

    Surely by now you’ve heard of the Dove World Outreach Center, the Florida church that plans to hold a “Koran burning day” on September 11, the nine year anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Pretty much nobody think it’s a good idea, from Palin to Obama, from Gen. Petraeus to the FBI. Now involved: Rackspace. Yes, the popular Web host has pulled the plug on the… Read More

  • Rackspace Goes Down. Again. Takes The Internet With It. Again.

    Another day, another Rackspace outage. The hosting company had a complete and total failure today that took down a number of big sites on the Internet, including ours. This has been happening all too often in recent months, including downtime just last month. The failure apparently originated in the company’s Dallas-area server farm. But unlike previous times, this does not appear to be… Read More

  • Email Archiving In The Cloud

    Thinking about moving your electronic services to the cloud? LiveOffice, an SaaS provider of email archiving and hosting, makes the leap that much easier with the release of their CloudMerge technology–offering email archiving for most cloud email providers on the market. In addition to supporting cloud based email archiving, LiveOffice is able to archive email which is on-premise… Read More

  • (Updated) Downtime At Rackspace Cloud

    A large number of customers of Rackspace Cloud, including Techcrunch, have been experiencing downtime for the past 1h 20m or so. The status blog reports that the service was degraded, and other reports state that it is due to a power outage at the Dallas network operations center. Customers of both Rackspace Cloud and Slicehost are affected, putting services such as Posterous, Dailybooth… Read More

  • Rackspace Launches NoMoreServers.com To Tout Computing-As-A-Service

    When Salesforce.com founder and CEO Marc Benioff launched his CRM platform in the cloud in 1999, he embarked on a “No Software” campaign to tout his “Software as a Service” agenda. Today, hosting service Rackspace is promoting a similar campaign with the launch of NoMoreServers.com, a site dedicated to the emergence of Computing-as-a-Service models (like hosting… Read More

  • RackSpace Opens The Cloud

    Rackspace is open-sourcing the specs for its Cloud Servers and Cloud Files APIs under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license, enabling third-party developers to copy, implement and rehash them as they see fit. In addition, The Rackspace Cloud (formerly known as Mosso) has made available Cloud Files language bindings along with technical guidelines for Java, PHP, Python, C# and Ruby under… Read More

  • Someone Needs To Stop Tripping Over The Power Cord At Rackspace

    As much of the web seemed to notice this morning, several sites running on Rackspace’s servers went down. Yes, again. For the second time in 8 days, a power outage interrupted service at one of its data centers. And again it was the Dallas center that was effected. This time however, Rackspace was able to get things up and running fairly quickly, and more importantly, communicated… Read More

  • What Went Down At Rackspace Yesterday? A Power Outage And Some Backup Failures.

    As many of you know, a lot of the sites that use Rackspace as their hosting provider were down for about an hour yesterday. That’s because Rackspace went down. Apparently, it was a power outage at a data center that caused it, an incident report that we’ve obtained explains. While Rackspace has backup systems in place, a series of events apparently caused those backups to fail… Read More

  • Yes, Rackspace Is Down And So Are Many Of Your Favorite Sites

    Last week, Michael Jackson’s death caused sites to fail left and right. Today, it’s a very different problem. The hosting service Rackspace has been completely down for the past 30 minutes or so. Don’t believe us, just listen to Justin Timberlake or Michelle Malkin, both of which have sites on the service and took to Twitter to complain. Apparently, it’s an entire… Read More

  • Fever, A Self-Hosted Feed Reader, Heats Up Your RSS Subscriptions

    Fever is a hot new RSS reader that aims to cure “second inbox syndrome, unread item guilt, and unbold elbow.” In other words, the common plights of the modern RSS power user. Besides offering a full-featured feed reader, the application attempts to create a personalized Techmeme by scanning a user’s feed list for popular (or hot) links. Fever then groups these links into… Read More

  • Amazon, Ning, Facebook, And Rackspace Join Our Cloud Roundtable

    Our roundtable on cloud computing is coming up next week. (Get tickets here via Eventbrite: $75 each based on availability). In addition to the previously announced speakers, I am happy to announce a few more very special participants: Amazon’s chief technology officer Werner Vogels, Ning CEO Gina Bianchini, Facebook VP of Engineering Mike Schroepfer, and Jon Engates, CTO of Rackspace. Read More

  • The Cloud Is Shaping Up. Amazon Beefs Up EC2, Bechtolsheim Shifts His Attention To Arista

    Cloud computing keeps advancing like rolling thunder. Amazon today announced a major upgrade to its EC2 compute cloud service and Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim has decided to spend more time at his startup Arista Networks, which sells 10-Gigabit Ethernet switches aimed at handling the loads at cloud-computing data centers. And just yesterday, RackSpace announced two small acquisitions to… Read More

  • Rackspace Acquires JungleDisk, Slicehost To Take On Amazon Web Services

    Web hosting provider Rackspace has acquired JungleDisk, an online backup service, and Virtual Machine provider Slicehost in a deal designed to help bolster its offerings against top competitor Amazon Web Services. The announced acquisition price is $11.5 million in cash and stock, with the possibility of up to an additional $16.5 million depending on performance. Jungle Disk is a file storage… Read More

  • Rackspace Tests The IPO Waters Today; Settles For Half The Price It Was Hoping For

    After filing for an IPO last April in which it hoped to raise $400 million, Web hosting provider (and cloud-computing aspirant) Rackspace finally priced its IPO last night at $12.50 a share. That would have brought in $187.5 million, or half what it was hoping for. But it opened this morning at $10 (ticker: RAX). It’s been been going up since then to about $11. And Rackspace is a… Read More

  • Update: Rackspace Files IPO, Will Set Price Via Auction

    Web hosting provider Rackspace filed for an initial public offering with the SEC last night, as we predicted it would. The company will try to raise $400 million, and it intends to set the IPO price through an auction, much like Google did. The underwriters are Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and WR Hambrecht & Co. (the leading proponent of such IPO pricing). Pricing through… Read More