• DigiDudes: crowd-sourced keychain / tripod thingies

    Fresh on the success of their SplitStick double-sided USB stick, the cats at quirky now offer DigiDudes: a keychain with a built-in camera tripod. Unscrew the DigiDude’s head, pull out his feet, and voila! Instant tripod! Read More

  • Quirky Is A Social Network For Product Development

    Have you ever thought of a quirky but innovative product that might be useful to the masses but didn’t follow through with the idea? Sometimes these flashes of genius get lost in the shuffle. Startup quirky is hoping to be the platform for product ideas that are born on napkin doodles and in other unorthodox ways. The site then tries to use crowdsourcing to develop the product, by… Read More

  • German Throws Computer Out Window, Escapes Fine

    Whether it’s a blue screen of death, a kernel panic, or even just a lag in Firefox, sometimes we just want to smash our computers. It’s perfectly OK to want to do so, but to actually do it takes some iron balls. A German man in Hanover had the iron pair and actually managed to get angry enough at his PC to chuck it out a window, smashing to pieces on the ground below. When… Read More