• Confirmed: Amazon Spends $545 Million On Diapers.com Parent Quidsi

    Amazon.com has just announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Quidsi, which operates ecommerce sites Diapers.com, Soap.com and BeautyBar.com. The acquisition news first broke over the weekend by Fortune’s Dan Primack, who pegged the purchase price at $540 million. Primack wasn’t that far off – Amazon says it will acquire all of the outstanding shares of Quidsi… Read More

  • Amazon Buys A Lot of Diapers.com For $540 Million

    First shoes, now diapers. Amazon is reportedly about to announce on Monday the acquisition of Quidsi, the New Jersey-based ecommerce company behind Diapers.com, Soap.com, and, most recently, BeautyBar.com. Fortune’s Dan Primack, who broke the story from a maternity ward in Boston where his daughter was just born (no joke), puts the price of the all-cash deal at $540 million. A year… Read More

  • The Founders Behind Diapers.com Launch Soap.com: "All The Robots Are In Place"

    Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara have figured out a formula for selling low-margin goods online and shipping them overnight to customers. The two entrepreneurs have built Diapers.com into the largest seller of diapers and other baby products on the Web. Diapers.com is on track to bring in $300 million in revenues this year. Now the two are getting ready to launch a new e-commerce site… Read More

  • Diapers.com On Its Way To Selling Half A Billion Diapers, Raises $20 Million Debt Round

    Diapers.com On Its Way To Selling Half A Billion Diapers, Raises $20 Million Debt Round

    “This year we will sell half a billion diapers,” Marc Lore, the CEO of Diapers.com tells me. That is a hell of a lot of diapers. In fact Lore believes Diapers.com sells four times as many diapers as the next largest seller of nappies online, Amazon. In 2009, Diapers.com pulled in $182 million in revenues, up from $89 million in 2008, he says. And this year, Diapers.com is on a… Read More