• QuickPlayer Update – Mmmm… Video

    QuickPlayer Update – Mmmm… Video Quick update on QuickPlayer. The service should be supporting VGA video streaming in the next few months with interestin content from major players including most news channels and ESPN, MTV, and E! Networks. The audiocast quality was quite good but they weren’t ready to show off the video yet. They will roll out streaming video along the… Read More

  • QuickPlayer for BlackBerry Attracts Media

    Deep breath The Apple event has hardly ended and already we’re knee deep in correspondences from CTIA. What a day! Alright so here is what’s next. QuickPlayer Media Inc., has announced the first round of media partners for its QuickPlayer for BlackBerry application. The QuickPlayer allows for the delivery of streamed audiocasts to BlackBerry devices. It is supported by the… Read More