• PUSH Looks To Crowdfund A Pro-Grade Activity Tracker For Athletes For Real Workout Metrics

    PUSH Looks To Crowdfund A Pro-Grade Activity Tracker For Athletes For Real Workout Metrics

    Toronto-based startup PUSH is hoping to add some professionalism to an essentially amateur space, with its fitness tracker aimed specifically at pros and demanding athletes who want data, not vague metrics about general activity levels. The PUSH can provide solid data about reps, sets, force, power, balance, velocity, max weight, tempo and more to athletes who depend on informed workouts to… Read More

  • Twitter Alerts Lets You Opt-in On Push Notifications From Emergency Organizations And NGOs During Crises

    Twitter Alerts Lets You Opt-in On Push Notifications From Emergency Organizations And NGOs During Crises

    Twitter is rolling out a new system called Twitter Alerts today that lets you choose to receive special alerts from emergency accounts, government organizations and NGOs. The system is designed to expand on Twitter’s ‘Lifeline’ service which was offered to those in Japan suffering from the earthquake last year. That service connected users to emergency twitter accounts during… Read More

  • App Developers: Stop Abusing Push!

    App Developers: Stop Abusing Push!

    Mobile app developers are abusing push notifications and it has to stop. Although it’s widely understood that it’s not an effective strategy to continually ping users with non-critical updates, app developers can’t seem to help themselves to the free marketing channel that is the opt-in push. Continual notifications keep the app at the forefront of users’ minds, entice… Read More

  • Boxcar Raises $150K, Preps Push Notifications Service For Developers

    Boxcar Raises $150K, Preps Push Notifications Service For Developers

    Real-time push notification service Boxcar, currently available on both iOS and Mac OS X, has just closed on a $150,000 seed round with Kima Ventures, bringing its total raise to date to $211,000. The additional funding will be used to grow the company’s consumer-facing services, expand to other platforms (Android in 2 months! Windows Phone!) and will aid in the company’s… Read More

  • iPhone Push problem broadcasts your AIMs to random recipients, could affect jailbroken/unlocked phones

    Till Schadde, founder of development house Equinux has discovered an exploit – a broadcast error, really – that sends your AIM messages to random recipients without your knowledge or consent. The problem seems to happen in unlocked/jailbroken iPhones and results in a alert appearing on a recipients home screen bearing your message. Till tested the service by sending an AIM from the… Read More

  • Tap Tap Revenge 2 gets iPhone Push Notifications

    Tap Tap Revenge 2 now supports Push Notifications, allowing you to invite friends and neighbors to play against you through the network. The system basically pops up a little invitation message when your friends are playing the game. Millions of years of human evolution brought us to this point. Read More

  • Because of problems, Apple gives two free months of MobileMe service

    MobileMe has stunk on ice, so to regain users’ trust Apple will give them two free months of service. Anyone with an account active as of August 19 at 00:00 PDT (note Apple’s correct use of timestamp, PDT) is eligible for the two free months. Apple is giving away the free months “to express appreciation for [its] members’ patience as [it] continue to improve the… Read More

  • iPhone to get .Mac push email

    I’m sure not many people are that excited to get .Mac push email — does anyone use .Mac email addresses, really? — but it’s nice to know that you will have the option when the new firmware comes out. Basically this is proof that the iPhone will get push email across the board, which is the real takeaway here. On a side note, do not let your boss read this. IT guys: beware. Read More

  • Exclusive: Helio first carrier to get push gMail

    This is a nice little Wednesday treat for all of you Helio members out there. If you use an Ocean, Mysto, or Fin, then you have access to the “ultimate inbox” feature, which includes IMAP access to your gMail. IMAP is good, but on the go users want push email, and starting today Helio devices have just that for gMail accounts. Just check your gMail like you normally would and… Read More

  • T-Mobile Scoring Push Mail, 3G

    “Push” e-mail has a high demand It seems T-Mobile’s International CEO Hamid Akhavan is claiming that T-Mobile will offer push email to consumers, as well as 3G services in 2007. No word yet on pricing, availability, release dates, or any anything else for that matter. So I guess we’ll just have to sit back and watch our Blackberries for now. T-Mobile to Offer Push… Read More