• CableKeeps Keep Your Jumbled Mass Of Apple Chargers Nice And Neat

    CableKeeps Keep Your Jumbled Mass Of Apple Chargers Nice And Neat

    I think we can all agree that one of the worst parts about buying a new gadget is the fact that it's just one more thing we'll have to charge, one more electrical socket we'll have to free up, and one more charger to keep up with. But a new Kickstarter project aims to help deal with that. From a startup called Nice, I proudly introduce to you CableKeeps. Read More

  • The Isostick Makes A Mockery Of Optical Disk Hegemony

    The Isostick Makes A Mockery Of Optical Disk Hegemony

    In the old days, you used to have to put something called "optical media" into a "DVD drive" to install software and operating systems. Those days are long over thanks to an odd little USB key called the Isostick. Although the project doesn't officially exist - it's almost funded on Kickstarter - the IsoStick promises to allow you to load any ISO disk image from any computer just as if it were… Read More

  • LusionBloom: A Magnetic Vase For Your Next Weird Cocktail Party

    In the old days, pole-shaping meant something completely different. However, now it is a technique for attaching multiple arms to each other at odd angles that allows them to remain upright with a load without falling. The LusionBloom is a nice example of pole shaping and, more important, is a freaking vase that tilts to the side while keeping flowers and water upright. Perfect for Mother's Day at… Read More

  • How to turn an old PowerBook into an arcade cabinet

    How to turn an old PowerBook into an arcade cabinet

    Oh my, this does look nice. Frederic Sebton has taken an old PowerBook and an IKEA side table (Ramvik is the model) and turned it into an arcade cabinet. Sebton has basically taken a PowerBook apart and mounted the screen and computer guts back-to-back, with the screen showing up through a hole cut in the top of the table. He then used a piece of black cardboard and a piece of glass as the… Read More

  • Project: Double-barrelled elevated composter

    Project: Double-barrelled elevated composter

    It’s Earth Day, if you hadn’t yet noticed, and as we gear up for CrunchGear’s Green Week we find a how-to on making a neat two-level, double-barrelled composter. If you have a few power tools and the space, it appears to be a fairly straight forward Make that raises your compost heap up off the ground to keep it away from the likes or raccoons and other scavengers. If… Read More

  • Arduino TouchShield OLED

    Arduino is little open source circuit board that lets you create some fairly compelling projects with a few lines of code and some circuit boards. The latest addition to the project is LiquidWare’s TouchShield, an sensitive OLED that sits on top of the main board. Here it interacts with its human subject. (via Make) Read More

  • BlinkyBugs: The Coolest DIY Project You'll See Today

    BlinkyBugs: The Coolest DIY Project You'll See Today

    PT over at MAKE has a great post on BlinkyBugs. These electronic critters are made up of LEDs, a watch battery, and a little coper tubing. You can really get creative and add pipe cleaners for that “fuzzy insect” effect. Each BlinkyBug will light up when picked up or moved thanks to a little set of antenna that act as a circuit. The project requires a little bit of soldering, but… Read More

  • RFID Starter Kit

    RFID Starter Kit

    You know damn well ever since that genius implanted himself with an RFID chip, you’ve been wanting to do it to. Not that we’re condoning surgical practices, but if you want to become more familiar with RFID and how it works, ThinkGeek was selling a kit with lots of RFID tags and a USB RFID reader for your tinkering pleasure, but is currently sold out. From the product description… Read More