• Epson's EMP-1715 USB Projector

    <img src=" wireless. You can use the wireless to stream actual video in MPEG2 format to the projector, which also supports pausing, fast-forwarding and rewinding of video. In addition, the EMP-1715 can play presentations off a USB Key, meaning you can leave your laptop at home. The presentations on the USB disk can most likely be… Read More

  • Runco Launches 1080p Projectors

    Runco Launches 1080p Projectors

    Runco has announced the expansion of its already intimidating lineup of home theater projectors. The company will be adding seven new systems that each features a native 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution for your viewing pleasures. The devices range in price from $11,995 for the single-chip DLP Reflection Series model to $115,000 for the flagship 3-chip DLP Xtreme model. All of the projectors can… Read More

  • Planar Xscreen: They Might Think It's a Plasma TV

    Planar Xscreen: They Might Think It's a Plasma TV

    We’re hearing a lot of talk about gigantic-screen TVs, some of them costing upwards of $50,000, but if you’re using a projector, you can have a humongous-sized screen at a tenth of that price. This 100-inch selectively-reflective Xscreen from Planar has a built-in optical filter, reflecting light from the projector while absorbing room light. Perhaps its most appealing attribute… Read More