project natal

  • Video: Project Natal playing Half-Life 2
    It’s not clear what level of approval this leaked video has from Microsoft, but my guess would be that there is plenty of testing like this going to to determine the feasibility of FPS games on Natal. If anything, it looks more awkward than playing with dual analog sticks, but given the right game design, it could work well. Something… Read More

  • Ubisoft: 10 games for Natal, 4-5 for Sony's magic wand in first six months

    It’s too early to say whether Natal and the PS3 wand are going to be as fun as everyone hopes, but at least it’s not going to be a dry launch. In fact, it seems like developers are lining up around the block to take a crack at the new control methods. I don’t know about you, but I find that refreshing. Just as long as it’s not Halo Natal. Read More

  • Wait, Microsoft's Project Natal will be $80? That can't be right

    There is a rumor swirling around the tubes this morning that Microsoft’s motion controller Project Natal will be $80 when it comes out next November. First off, there is no way that the Wii-killer be $80 based on precedents set by the current crop of Xbox add-ons. But more importantly, if the controller system is only $80, it will suck. Read More

  • Fable 3 to utilize Natal, says Molyneux

    The Fable 3 announcement had creator Peter Molyneux saying he was throwing away the “foundation stone” of RPGs. Yeah, I thought, you’ve been saying that kind of thing for 20 years now buddy. Show me the money. And in a pleasant surprise, it looks like he may actually be doing that; he confirmed today that the game will use the Natal motion controller, which makes him probably… Read More

  • Will Project Natal be anything more than a glorified tech demo? Here's hoping!

    Maybe I’m speaking for the minority here, but I have to get this off my chest: Project Natal is sorta “meh,” no? I attended Popular Mechanics’ Breakthrough Awards for a few minutes last night, and they had on display Project Natal. It was that paint-throwing game. Now, I know that’s just a tech demo, but I left feeling a little concerned about its future. Read More

  • Sega sez: Natal and PS3 motion controller games in "early 2010"

    When a company says they’d like to think they might make an announcement about some games four or five months from now, you know you’re in trouble. We were all hoping (against all rational thought) that we might at least get an idea of what’s coming for these new motion controllers by Christmas, but no. I guess that although Sega is one of the first to announce that… Read More

  • Developers weigh in on Natal, Wii, and the "magic wand"

    1up just had a little developer roundtable about the upcoming motion controllers (and, uh, the “leading brand” as well).While these guys are bound by diplomacy not to say stuff like “Sony is rubbish” or “Nintendo is going down,” they do make their feelings felt in slightly more polite terms. The consensus seems to be that each has its own strengths (I… Read More

  • And now THQ says Project Natal will be out next year

    THQ, fresh off winning a whole bunch of dollars at the expense of toy maker Jakks Pacific re: WWE video games, said yesterday that Microsoft’s Project Natal will launch “late next year.” And if you believe that… Read More

  • News from Asia suggests Project Natal-equipped Xbox 360s by mid-2010

    News from the East. It looks like Microsoft is all set to produce Project Natal-equipped Xbox 360s by the second half of 2010. Might as well circle your calendar. California-based Aptina will produce the 1.3-megapixel CMOS sensor required to get Project Natal up and running. (That’s it. Don’t click “Read More” because there isn’t more.) Read More

  • Gates: Natal coming to Windows

    I didn’t put it in quotes because he more endorsed it than straight up said it was happening, but I think we all know that if the big guy sees it happening, it’s probably happening sometime soon. Gates was talking about Natal in an broad and interesting interview over at CNET, and mentioned that Microsoft Research is deep into working on home and office implementations of the… Read More