• GitHub President Becomes CEO, CEO Becomes President In Executive Role Swap

    GitHub President Becomes CEO, CEO Becomes President In Executive Role Swap

    So now is the time for top execs at middle-stage technology companies to trade titles with each other apparently: GitHub has just announced that co-founder Tom Preston-Werner will be taking over the role of President from fellow co-founder Chris Wanstrath, who is moving into the CEO position made vacant by Preston-Werner. It sounds familiar because WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg just did… Read More

  • Behind How Washington Is Drawing Inspiration From Silicon Valley, Twitter

    “We were working 24/7, working in very, very rapid cycles, with very, very short deadlines and milestones. We were working in a very, very nimble hyper consumer focused way…all fused in this kind of maelstrom of pizza, Mountain Dew, and all nighters, and you know idealism.” That may sound like the caffeine-fueled, sleep-deprived rant of a typical Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Read More

  • New job challenges in the White House

    Starting a new job is always a challenge. You have to learn where your office is, where the coffee machine is, and the best route from each to the bathroom. Now imagine how complicated it must be when an entirely new administration starts working in the White House! In addition to the normal challenges, President Obama and his staff suffered through a number of surprising headaches. Read More

  • BarackBerry may bite the bullet

    President-elect Barack Obama loves him some BlackBerry. And who can blame him? Apparently the Secret Service can, as they’re trying to wrest it from his grasp. In these litigious times, the Executive Branch is understandably eager to stave off as many Freedom of Information Act requests as it can, and the President’s email-on-the-go would likely be a popular target for such requests. Read More

  • Bill Clinton sends first text message

    Apparently a couple of days ago at CTIA, former president Bill Clinton sent his first text message to his wife Hillary. ZDNet’s Russell Shaw says, "Another example of how most politicians are clueless about tech. Bill Clinton’s first tech message? This is October 2007?" Maybe, but the idea of a politician pecking away at a cell phone is kind of a silly visual to me. Read More

  • New MP3 Players On The Way From Creative

    If you’re one of the three people out there who own a Creative MP3 player, then you’re about to get some incredibly awesome news. Craig McHugh, President of Creative Labs Inc., today said that Creative is working on some “exciting stuff” with its MP3 players, but couldn’t reveal details. McHugh went on to say that Creative is positioning itself for the holiday… Read More