• Latest Portal 2 Trailer Discusses Cooperation (Or Lack Thereof)

    http://player.ooyala.com/player.swf?embedCode=trMWRjMjqH3UYnH2UMaGXgKiwaRIeDQn&version=2 Valve is punching the throttle on the Portal 2 launch with a set of self-made commercials that are, in essence, a big FU to ad agencies. In this one we learn why the two Portal bots were created: because humans suck. Read More

  • Portal corporate training program a huge success

    Following the announcement that Portal is free on Steam, at least for a little while, Valve Aperture Science has also released a video discussing the merits of using Portal’s home training version for corporate advancement. There’s also a hint that Portal 2 might have a co-op mode. It’s definitely worth your time to take a look at the video though. [via Boing Boing] Read More

  • Steam offers Portal for free until the 24th: The first hit is free

    Good news for Mac and PC gamers, Steam is making Portal free! Admittedly it’s for a limited time, but it’ll give you the chance to try one of the most popular titles that Valve has ever come out with. And this deal is not a lie. Read More

  • Steam for Mac launches tomorrow with Portal leading the line

    Whoa, just got some more Steam for Mac details to share with y’all. It comes out tomorrow, as you well know, but did you know thatPortal will be the first game available for the Mac platform? Well now you do! Read More

  • Portal 2 in Game Informer, scanned for your pleasure

    I haven’t even looked at these yet. I saw them on Reddit and immediately came here to put them up. So that’s why this post is so short. Wait, I just read this: “Portal was a test bed. Portal 2 is a game.” Ah jeah! And it’s out this fall. All these are in this month’s issue of Game Informer. Go to your local newsstand! Read More

  • "Still Alive," bedroom electropop style

    An act of unparalleled nerddom. This talented fellow performs the gamer anthem “Still Alive” with the piano part on his keyboard, the other orchestration with a midi controller, and his own voice through a Rocktron Banshee Talkbox. Nicely done. Read More

  • What's this, a replica gun from Portal?

    The New York Comic Con is this weekend, and while my initial plan to show up dressed as Tifa fell through—you have no idea how hard it is to find pants that match hers!—this Portal gun replica could make a fine Plan B. But then I’d also have to show up dressed as an Asian women (the main character from Portal is an Asian woman, right, or did I totally make that up?), so… Read More

  • Portal: Prelude released; now you know what you're doing this weekend

    The fan-made (but reportedly very professional) prequel to Portal I mentioned last month has been released! Thought you guys might want it, Portal fans as you are. Download it here, it’s about 775MB(!). Torrent here (meg a second, woo-hoo). Yeah, you can probably get through an hour or so before you have to meet your better half for date night. Just don’t mention how good your… Read More

  • SlingMedia prepares video sharing portal

    Sling Media, the creators of a hardware device that lets users stream their home television signal to an Internet connected device anywhere (with a software download), is preparing to launch their new video portal, Sling.com. The company first mentioned the new portal earlier this year but has been quiet since then. Read more… Read More

  • In case you needed more Portal, here's a prequel

    There’s a feeling one gets when finishing Portal of “Wow.” And shortly after that, “Wait. It’s done?” And yes, it is. The game is excellent, and some actually praise its shortness, but I felt it could have used a bit longer of a mid-section; after you learn the controls but before things get out of hand there was room for a few more puzzles. Fortunately… Read More