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  • Makerbot’s Saddest Hour

    Makerbot’s Saddest Hour

    In the process of growth, startups change. They change from scrappy three-person operations to behemoths with new employees rolling in daily. They go on hiring sprees and the founders no longer know the people sitting at cubicles outside their offices. Bigger companies – Google and the like – start sniffing around. And those changes add up – going from 50 mph to lightspeed is… Read More

  • Popular Science archives are now online

    Back in the old days, when people got their tech news from stacks of paper stapled together called “magazines,” Popular Science was a nerd’s dream. It was full of all sorts of exciting things, had less nudity in it than Omni (Note: This is not a good thing but your parents would buy it for you), and let you dream of jet packs. This is not to say that that old stalwart… Read More

  • Popular Science's open call for 'Best of' Awards

    PR agencies, corporations, inventors and home tinkers, the time is upon you to submit your latest invention to Popular Science. The ever so popular “Best of What’s New Award” judging is about to begin but they want to make sure they see, well, everything. Anyone can enter, but it isn’t free and you should remember that past winners include the iPhone from last year… Read More