• Niantic Raises $20M From Google, Pokémon Company, And Nintendo

    Niantic Raises $20M From Google, Pokémon Company, And Nintendo

    Just about two months ago, the maker of the popular-with-nerds game Ingress, Niantic Labs, was spun out of Google. Last month, the newly formed Niantic, Inc. announced that it had begun working on a project called Pokémon GO. Today? The company is announcing a $20M Series A round of funding with investments from Pokémon Company Group, Google and Nintendo. It could see $10M more if it… Read More

  • Pokémon Will Finally Come To The iPad, As A Virtual Card Game

    Pokémon Will Finally Come To The iPad, As A Virtual Card Game

    Pokémon, the game franchise that I love more than most real things in the actual world, is coming to the iPad. I would weep for joy were the news not watered down somewhat by the fact that the first game arriving on Apple’s devices isn’t the actual monster collection and battling game that makes up the core franchise, but is instead the Pokémon trading card game. Now I own… Read More

  • Watch This Actual Real-Life Fish Play Pokémon (Albeit Poorly)

    Watch This Actual Real-Life Fish Play Pokémon (Albeit Poorly)

    I have, in my day, been something of an amateur aquarist, but I never thought to provide my fish with a pastime like playing Pokemon. One intrepid Twitch user has done just that, programming an interface that interprets their fish’s swimming habits as button presses on a virtual controller for the original Red/Blue version of Pokemon. The fish is a betta (or ‘Siamese… Read More

  • Supercharge Your Pokemon X & Y Collection With This Arduino Hardware Hack

    Supercharge Your Pokemon X & Y Collection With This Arduino Hardware Hack

    Pokemon X & Y has been out for a while now, and there’s been a lot of catching going on in my immediate environs. But it’s still hard to catch rare Pokemon, no matter how much of your life you dedicate to that repetitive task. A new hack using an Arduino Micro microcontroller board, developed by Arduino in conjunction with NY-based Adafruit, makes it possible to cycle… Read More

  • Fifteen Years On, Pokemon Still Holds Power Over This Thirty-Something

    Fifteen Years On, Pokemon Still Holds Power Over This Thirty-Something

    While iPhone launch days and big gadget reveals represent some of my most anticipated events because I’m a tech blogger, a day like today can still awaken just as much excitement. Today is the launch day of a new Pokemon game, you see – the newest installment of the “Catch ‘Em All” franchise, Pokemon X/Y for the Nintendo 3DS, hits store shelves and is being… Read More

  • For Your Edification: A Robot That Draws Pikachu

    Students at Olin College, Yifei Feng, Jacob Miller, Nat Sharpe, and Arash Ushani, created this clever Etch-a-Sketch robot that, as one does with faced with problems of machine learning and robotics, draws a Pikachu. These are the days of miracle and wonder. Read More

  • Dispatches From The Pokemon Black/White Launch (Plus A Contest)

    As the father of a freshly-minted Pokemon fiend, I find myself more and more often forced into the vicinity of Piplip, Liepard, and Purrloin than I’d like to admit. I was pleased, then, that I could bring my son to Saturday’s “Pokemon Festival”/Pokemon White/Black Version launch where we were able to play the new games, Black and White, and enjoy the song stylings… Read More

  • Nintendo controller car mod goes too far

    I’m all for letting your geek flag fly, but this is a bit much. Perhaps he wanted to be able to control the car from the front? At least it’s something that you can hide under you hood. I dunno. Props for knowing your roots and such. Read More

  • The Pokemon return: HeartGold and SoulSilver

    So I got a random delivery today, and I was quite surprised to see it was from Nintendo. Even more surprising was when I opened the box and saw they had sent me the two latest Pokemon games, HeartGold and SoulSilver. What was even more interesting was when I started to read the enclosed literature that explained exactly what’s new about these two games. Read More

  • Nintendo announces new Pokemon game, wiimotes, and hardware bundles

    This is a good news, bad news, type of thing. Nintendo Japan just announced some really cool new hardware (including two new bundles) that’ll be out this December. The bad news is, it’s not coming to the US. Read More

  • Sleepachu kawaii overload

    Ah, late Winter — that time when a young trainer’s fancy turns to a sleeping shock-mouse. Believe it or not, that’s actually the proverb in Japan, and is the mythical inspiration for the Sleeping Pikachu fest being held at Pokémon centers all over Nippon. Read More

  • Coming to America: Pokémon edition Nintendo DS

    The limited edition Nintendo DS featuring Pokémon characters will be making a stateside release. The black DS was exclusive to Japan for a while, but will “soon” be headed to your local retail establishment. Well, so claims an employee from GameStop. The DS, which will cost $129, comes with a bunch of Pokémon stuff, including a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DVD and a carrying… Read More