• Sony Japan Prices First Playstation Vita Games

    Sony Japan Prices First Playstation Vita Games

    The launch of Sony’s new handheld console Vita in Japan is just two months away (December 17), so it’s about time big S made some official announcements regarding software prices. In a nut shell, the first batch of titles will not be sold for cheap. To be more concrete, the prices for a total of four launch games are now fixed. Read More

  • Sony Will Offer 28 Titles When The Vita Launches In Japan (Full List)

    Sony Will Offer 28 Titles When The Vita Launches In Japan (Full List)

    Apart from fixing the Japan release date for the Playstation Vita (December 17) today, Sony also announced [press release in English] the handheld’s full launch line-up for its home market: a total of 28 different titles (games and applications) will be made available for early buyers of the device. Sony also said there are a total of 100 different games being developed by companies… Read More

  • Sony’s Playstation Vita To Hit Japan On December 17

    Sony’s Playstation Vita To Hit Japan On December 17

    Sony is currently holding a press conference in Tokyo where the company said that the Playstation Vita, its new handheld console, will hit stores in Japan on December 17, just in time for the holidays (this decision was kind of announced last month actually). For the 3G connection, Sony partnered up with Japan’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo and laid out 3G pricing plans for the… Read More

  • Japan Last Country To Resume All PlayStation Network Services On Wednesday

    It took them a while, but Sony today announced [JP] that they will fully restore all PlayStation Network services plus streaming media-on-demand service Qriocity in Japan this Wednesday. Sony’s home market is the last country in which the company is done picking up the pieces after that massive data breach from last April. Read More

  • Shake-up At Sony: PlayStation Inventor Retires, Kaz Hirai Becomes Chairman Of Sony Computer Entertainment

    Following the security breach in the PlayStation network in April (77 million PlayStation Network user accounts were compromised), Sony saw a radical management reshuffle in its gaming division, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI), today. As you could expect, big S denies a connection between both incidents, but today’s decision probably doesn’t surprise anyone. Read More

  • Japan Gets Three New PSP Value Packs Next Month

    The PS Vita is coming relatively soon, but Sony Japan today announced [JP] something nice for all users still in need of a PSP: a total of three new PSP value packs. The bundles will include a PSP in Piano Black, Vibrant Blue, or Blossom Pink – and they might be the last ones you can get, at least before the Vita goes on sale. Read More

  • The PSN Network Is Back

    Sony just announced that the Playstation Network is back up for almost everyone. People in Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea are, sadly, still SOL. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play To Hit Verizon's Shelves May 26

    Like many of you, I have loved playing games on my phone ever since I got my first Nokia handset that came pre-loaded with Snake. Since then, mobile gaming has reached an entirely new level, and then when the smartphone appeared, a few more levels after that one. Still, no matter which handset you choose, your device is a phone first, and a portable gaming device second, or third, or fourth. Read More

  • The PSN Outage Should Last Until May 31st

    Sony is performing the old salt-in-the-wound trick by informing Bloomberg that the PSN/Quoricity outage should last another 22 days with an expected return date of May 31. This came from an interview with a Sony spokesman in a Bloomberg interview. Security is the key here. Sony is adopting new techniques and practices to beef up its online services and apparently that takes some time. Read More

  • Hack Attack: Sony Confirms PlayStation Network Outage Caused By 'External Intrusion'

    Unfortunately for PlayStation Network and Qriocity services users, it looks like the widespread network outages will continue. Since Sony’s PlayStation and music networks went down two days ago, there has been a fair amount of public speculation over the cause of the outage. (Largely due to Sony’s tight-lipped handling of public relations.) Many blamed vengeful gremlins loose… Read More