• Pioneer FH-P510MD

    Pioneer FH-P510MD

    The Pioneer FH-P510MD Multi-Media DSP Receiver is all sorts of crazy. In addition to the obvious AM/FM tuner, it supports CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 and WMA. This $400 main unitr also has a mini-disc player than can play both MD and MDLP. And as an added bonus it has a 50×4 MOSFET amp and an OEL screen. Have I mentioned that I love Uncrate? It always points me toward the most excessive gear. This… Read More

  • Pioneer Makes The Best Plasmas (And Here's Some Video It Made To Prove It) Seriously, if you’ve never seen Pioneer’s Elite series of plasma TVs in person, they really do have incredible pictures (though they come with some pretty incredible price tags… Read More

  • Pioneer Shallow Subwoofer

    Pioneer Shallow Subwoofer

    Pioneer’s TS-SW2541D is going where few subwoofers have gone before: into shallow spaces. The woofer requires a depth of just 3-inches to produce full-sounding bass. Read More

  • Pioneer Bringing the 20,000:1 Contrast Ratio

    Pioneer Bringing the 20,000:1 Contrast Ratio

    At Ceatec last week, Pioneer announced their intentions to release plasmas with a contrast ratio of 20,000:1 by the time the Bejing Olympics roll around in 2008. They had a 60-inch example on display, but they didn’t mention how much these things would cost or what size models would be produced. All I know is that, if the picture is to be believed, the new one looks a whole lot better than… Read More

  • Pioneer's MT-01 Power Line Multi-Room Audio

    Pioneer’s MT-01 Power Line Sound System streams music through your power lines, instead of through 2.4GHz where WiFi, Bluetooth and the magical wireless fairies live. This way, there’s less interference and more convenience, since your devices need to be plugged in anyway. The multi-room audio setup also has motion detectors in each speaker so the sound activates when you walk into a… Read More

  • Pioneer to Release Combo HD DVD/Blu-ray Drive

    Pioneer to Release Combo HD DVD/Blu-ray Drive

    Pioneer announced at IFA that it will be releasing a drive capable of reading both HD DVD and Blu-ray discs. The BDR-103 will utilize Ricoh’s smart blue laser diode that can recognize what type of disc has been inserted. There have been a few of these drives that have been announced in the past. None of them have gelled, so here’s hoping that the BDR-103 actually makes it to market. If… Read More

  • Pioneer + Bluetooth + iPod Meetup Rumored

    . It’s a trustworthy source and Bluetooth has basically gone stereo, so this is more likely than not going to be true. Nike + iPod was a great move for both companies, I think, and Pioneer needs this shot in the arm. Read More