• Fly or Die Batch App Review

    Fly Or Die: Can Batch Find Its Own Path Among The Photo Apps?

    Does the world need another photo-sharing app? That is the question John Biggs and I debate in this episode of Fly or Die (watch the video above). We take a look at one of the latest photo apps to hit iTunes, Batch, which launched ten days ago and is currently one of the Top 50 photo apps for the iPhone (currently at No. 48). The mobile app is a new product from DailyBooth, whose CEO… Read More

  • Hands On With Everpix, The Service That Centralizes All Your Photos From Desktop & Web

    Hands On With Everpix, The Service That Centralizes All Your Photos From Desktop & Web

    For the past week, I’ve been testing the alpha version of the Everpix service, which aims to automatically centralize and organize all your digital photos, both online and off. I’m happy to report that, so far, it works as advertised. In case you missed it, Everpix, a creation of ex-Apple engineers, was one of this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt finalists. Using a small utility… Read More

  • Location-Based Photo-Sharing App Trover Comes To Android

    Location-Based Photo-Sharing App Trover Comes To Android

    Mobile discovery and photo-sharing app Trover arrives on Android today, after having grown its install base to over 100,000 since its iPhone launch in July. The release extends Trover to a second mobile platform, but doesn’t include a new feature set or other notable changes at this time. Currently, Trover offers integration with Facebook and Twitter for finding friends and sharing… Read More

  • Everpix: All Your Photos, Automatically Organized And Accessible From Anywhere

    Everpix: All Your Photos, Automatically Organized And Accessible From Anywhere

    TechCrunch Disrupt finalist Everpix is a new service that automatically organizes and combines all your photo libraries into an elegant interface, whether they’re stored on the desktop or in the cloud. It supports traditional desktop software programs, like Adobe Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto, for example, as well as online services like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Instagram. It will… Read More

  • New Startup JPEGmini Reduces Photos’ Size, Not Their Quality

    New Startup JPEGmini Reduces Photos’ Size, Not Their Quality

    Photographers, take note. A startup called JPEGmini is introducing a new photo compression technology for JPEG photos which reduces the overall file size (by up to 5 times), while preserving the photo’s quality and resolution. The technology is designed specifically with the Web in mind, as more photographers, both amateur and professional, use online storage for photo archival purposes. Read More

  • Instagram Adds 50 Million Photos In August, Now Over 200 Million Total

    Instagram Adds 50 Million Photos In August, Now Over 200 Million Total

    Instagram is growing like crazy. In June, we noted when the service hit the 5 million user milestone, with 95 million photos uploaded. At the beginning of August, Instagram hit 150 million photos. And now the service has surpassed yet another milestone: 200 million photos. Given that our last measurement was at the beginning of August, and the site is now well beyond 200M, that means… Read More

  • PhotoAppLink Ties iPhone Photo Apps Together, Makes Multi-App Editing Simple

    PhotoAppLink Ties iPhone Photo Apps Together, Makes Multi-App Editing Simple

    Several iPhone app developers have teamed up to launch PhotoAppLink, a new open source initiative that aims to simplify photo editing by tying multiple photo-editing apps together. As you know, there are an incredible number of photo editing apps in iTunes today, and often, each especially excels in one particular area. For example, converting photos to black and white, cropping, compositing… Read More

  • Five Years Later, Twitter Rolls Out Image Galleries

    Five Years Later, Twitter Rolls Out Image Galleries

    Over the last few months, Twitter has been rolling out some key new enhancements to their user experience, adding improved search functionality and the ability to upload images right from a user’s Twitter stream. The photo upgrade came thanks to Photobucket hosting and appeared as a pic.twitter link and image for a user’s followers, as we reported in June and again two weeks ago… Read More

  • Flickr Not Dead, But Losing The Soul Of Photo Sharing

    Flickr Not Dead, But Losing The Soul Of Photo Sharing

    The buzz in photography circles this past weekend was a post by Thomas Hawk declaring “Flickr is Dead.” It’s not the first time we’ve heard this attention-grabbing headline. By the numbers, it’s hard to call a photo sharing site with more than 5 billion photos “dead” just yet, and Hawk admits it will take time. But, Yahoo-owned Flickr is facing… Read More

  • Twitter Photo Uploading Now Available For 100% Of Users

    Twitter Photo Uploading Now Available For 100% Of Users

    Twitter images, the Twitter photo hosting service we broke the news of in May, has now rolled out to all Twitter users, according to Twitter Public Relations representative Sean Garrett. Users who did not have the feature before will see a camera at the far left of their status update, beckoning that they upload an image. You can choose an image from your desktop under 3 MB and it will get… Read More

  • Face Recognition For Dogs, Cats And Birds? There's Software For That (Video)

    Earlier this year, Fujifilm released the Finepix Z700, a camera that’s able to detect the faces of cats and dogs. Now Panasonic System Networks has updated FaceU [JP], a technology that recognizes not only faces of cats and dogs but also birds. It may sound a bit ridiculous (it possibly is), but FaceU helps you to make a picture when your pet look towards the camera automatically. Read More

  • Fracture Glass Printing Makes Photos "Snazzy"

    I have a lot of photos. Most of them were taken for the restraining order hearing, but the rest are of my children, wife, and various permutations thereof. There are a number of these photos that I’d like to print out and save forever and there are a few I’d love to hang on my wall for posterity. That’s where Fracture comes in. Fracture is one of the most interesting and… Read More

  • Travel Photo Guides: an app to help you take great photos in our national parks

    I’m a pretty terrible photographer. My DSLR camera is definitely smarter than me, and the photos it takes on full-auto are almost always better than those I get when I fiddle around in manual mode. Still, I can’t help but feel envious when I look at professional photos and realize that I could take photos that good if only I had a little nudge in the right direction. If… Read More

  • Picture frame does motion-activated snow flurries

    This here is a photo frame that contains a proximity sensor. When you walk past the frame, it’ll activate a flurry of swirling snowflakes. So whichever 4×6 photo is housed inside the frame will take on the appearance of a wintery wonderland. All for just $25. Read More

  • Photos From 2009 Techcrunch Crunchup and August Capital Party

    Thanks again to all of you who came out to our Real Time Stream CrunchUp and August Capital Summer Party. We broke 600 attendees to the Real Time Stream CrunchUp, double our initial expectations, and we hosted lots more of you at the August Capital outing. We had an amazing group of CrunchUp speakers to talk about new trends, boundaries and your passions. And we fit in 22 new product… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: USB photo converter for $50

    If you’re thinking of scanning all your old photos using a traditional flatbed scanner, let me be the first to tell you what a royal pain in the ass it is. I’ve done it a few times in my life and I put it up near the top of the list of things I don’t want to do, right underneath “helping someone move”. Read More

  • Man photographs space shuttle from Earth

    See those two tiny specs in front of the Sun, there? The one on top is Space Shuttle Atlantis and right below it sits the Hubble Space Telescope. Read More

  • Photochaining: Spread the photo love

    Photochaining is the latest fad to sweep the nation – and other nations – and it’s really easy and fun. You buy a cheap memory card, put it in your camera, take some pictures with it, and then “name” the card and leave a note telling someone else to take a picture and leave it somewhere else. The results are then posted to and world peace ensues. Read More

  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3 has built-in Wi-Fi, 3 years of free AT&T hotspot access

    Sony’s DSC-G3 point-and-shoot digital camera not only has built-in Wi-Fi, but it also has its own Web browser. Guess that makes uploading your photos to the Internet a little easier. Read More

  • Photty = cool key holder + mini photo frame from Japan

    Japan-based Kairen [JP] is selling a key holder that doubles as a mini photo frame, which is 1.5 inches in size and features a 128×128 resolution. The so-called Photty [JP] is available in pink and white, comes with 16MB of memory and can be connected to PCs via USB. Kairen says the Photty can store about 143 pictures in JPEG, BMP and GIF format. Read More