• Photos of the Dell Mini 9's interior

    Photos of the Dell Mini 9's interior

    The Dell Mini 9 appears to not completely suck, which is good news for the netbook crowd, I suppose. But—and I’m sure you’ve all been wondering about this—what does it look like on the inside? How does Dell manage to fit so much into such a tiny space? As luck would have it, Dell actually has provided photos and illustrations of the Mini 9’s interior. Unless… Read More

  • Samsung M320 Photo Gallery

    Samsung M320 Photo Gallery

    A box o’ Samsung’s new M220 and M320 flip phones just showed up at MobileCrunch HQ. While it’ll be a few days before we’ve got full reviews prepped, we figured you guys may want to take a peek at’em in the mean time. The M320 gallery is after the jump, or check out the sans-camera M220 over here. Read More

  • Samsung M220 Photo Gallery

    Samsung M220 Photo Gallery

    Samsung yesterday announced two new basic flip phones, the M220 and the M320, and Mr. FedEx man just showed up with’em in tow. We’ll have full reviews up once we’ve played with’em a bit more, but we figured some folks out there might wanna take a glimpse at’em now. Shots of the M220 are right after the jump, and the M320 gallery is right over here.. Read More

  • Oosah: 1TB of music space in ‘the cloud’ for the iPhone

    Oosah: 1TB of music space in ‘the cloud’ for the iPhone

    Oosah, a photosharing site à la Flickr that plays nicely with the iPhone, has a neat little feature that lets you tap into “the cloud” for all your music needs. After signing up for the site, you then upload any time of media to its servers, here, music files. Then you connect to the site using your iPhone and can play back those music files, provided they’re not… Read More

  • DIY photography of Miroslav Tichý

    DIY photography of Miroslav Tichý

    Here’s the skinny: Czech born, Prague Academy of Arts educated and Communist opposer. Miroslav Tichý eventually took nearly 100 photos a day on his homemade cameras.  Build from scraps, such as metal plates, crown caps, rubber bands, cardboard, scotch tape, and plexi glass, his awkward yet masterful cameras display an ingenious inventiveness. Time consumed many details of his life… Read More

  • D-Link now shipping a fancy Wi-Fi picture frame

    D-Link now shipping a fancy Wi-Fi picture frame

    Today D-Link is shipping a new 10 inch Wi-Fi digital frame (DSM-210) that will seemingly make it a snap to share photos from sites like Flickr and Facebook. Also, since it connected to the internet you can pull streaming content from websites and widgets. If you’re one of those “it must be green” types you’ll be happy to know that this frame has motion detection so it… Read More

  • Getty Images could buy your Flickr photos

    Getty Images could buy your Flickr photos

    Flickr’d. I’d pay money for a poster-sized version of this photo of Carrie. Getty Images may soon buy your Flickr photos. The professional photo database has teamed up with Yahoo!, which owns Flickr, to look for great photos that it can turn around and sell to its clients. Of course, as photographer, you’d get a cut of the action if and when Getty buys your photo off… Read More

  • ‘Image Fulgurator’ ruins photos with hilarious results

    ‘Image Fulgurator’ ruins photos with hilarious results

    Skip ahead to about the two minute mark in the above video to see an example of what the Image Fulgurator actually does. It’s basically a device that projects your favorite messages onto various surfaces when it detects flashes from nearby cameras. No tourist would be safe from your hilarious “Down with Pants!” message splashed across all their photos from the Basilica di… Read More

  • Possible Nikon D700 promotional material

    Possible Nikon D700 promotional material

    In anticipation of the release of the Nikon D700, the rumor mills are in full swing. In April, there were rumors about the new body design. Then in May, information came out about Nikon’s possible hybrid viewfinder. It is now June and we have yet another new Nikon D700 rumor. The fine people at Photography Bay are reporting that they have photos of promotional material for Nikon’s… Read More

  • More Moscone spy shots

    More Moscone spy shots

    Our spy shots might be fake (we doubt it) but these Moscone shots surely aren’t. RoughlyDrafted has a bunch of pictures from the San Fran convention center including plenty of action shots of App store apps blowing around like beautiful leaves. Here’s hoping that there will be more than just XCode debuggers at the keynote. Read More

  • Tag Galaxy: great way to explore Flickr

    Tag Galaxy: great way to explore Flickr

    Click the pic for the high-res version.
    This is a great little toy, though it’s a bit slow at the moment. It requires a little RAM and a good connection, so don’t try this on your Powerbook on that coffee shop wi-fi. You pick a tag, then navigate into planets covered in Flickr photos with that tag. They remind me of Katamari Damacy’s stellar objects or Super Mario… Read More

  • Treo 850 looks like an actual big boy phone

    Treo 850 looks like an actual big boy phone

    I don’t want to offend anybody’s sensibilities, but I’m of the opinion that most Treo devices kind of look like toys. That’s just me, though. I’m wearing red pants (RED! WTF?!) with tan shoes right now, so what the hell do I know about what looks good? Anyway, these leaked shots of the Treo 850 from our friends over at the Boy Genius Report portray a more… Read More

  • Fifty photos from the new Apple Store in Boston

    Fifty photos from the new Apple Store in Boston

    From the hordes of rabid Mac fans to the cheering employees to the famous musicians and professional athletes, here are fifty photos from today’s Apple Store opening.                                            … Read More

  • Swap files between two iPods with miShare

    Swap files between two iPods with miShare

    A Brooklyn, NY startup named miShare, has created a product, which could bring back the mating ritual of mixtape-swapping (but a modern version of it). The gadget allows you to swap music, photos, and anything else you can fit on your iPod. Instead wasting a CD on a paternal love interest, you simply attach your iPods to the miShare to transfer your mix. Depending on their iPod and setup, they… Read More

  • Photos: HTC Touch Diamond

    Photos: HTC Touch Diamond

    Here are some photos of the Touch Diamond. It’s a lot smaller than I thought. Enjoy. Read More

  • CrunchGear NY Meetup Pixtravaganza!

    CrunchGear NY Meetup Pixtravaganza!

    Hello my pretties! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: the big photo upload from the meetup on Thursday. We had a great time and I think it was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came out, and to our sponsors of course for making it possible. Some answers to questions I know are coming: The photos themselves are of course much bigger but in the interest of getting them… Read More

  • Photo to digital picture converter looks pretty easy

    Photo to digital picture converter looks pretty easy

    Anybody who’s had to scan a big fat pile of old photos into their computer knows that it suh-huuucks. So along comes the ingeniously named “Photograph to Digital Picture Converter” from Hammacher Schlemmer for $150. It’s got a 5MP CMOS sensor with an 1,800 dpi resolution that basically takes a digital photo of whatever regular photo you slide down into the tray. The… Read More

  • Photo: 150 apps open simultaneously on MacBook Pro

    Photo: 150 apps open simultaneously on MacBook Pro

    So this guy insists he’s not lying. It’s a screen shot of his MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz and 4GB RAM) with 150 programs running simultaneously, smoothly even. He’s activated Exposé so that we can see all of ‘em. I do not believe him, but then again, I’m a cynic. Always have been, always will be. I’ve got Mail, Adium, Safari, Firefox, iTunes, Linkinus… Read More

  • Place your photos in meat-world

    Have a box of old photographs of people in places no one can remember? Viewfinder is a new project designed to “place” photos in the geographical location they were taken in less than a minute. While this might seem really nice to “place” Grammy in Times Square in 1972 it’s also a great way to “place” Osama Bin Laden next to a tree in Outer Burri… Read More

  • The random endorsement: Digital SLRs (or why point-and-shoots are a waste of time)

    [photopress:endorse030508.jpg,full,right] There wasn’t an endorsement last week—frowny face—because head whip cracker Biggs had me write that cute Usenet primer. As a result, one of you wants me thrown off the Internet for good, which I wouldn’t be altogether opposed to. But we’re back to basics today; another plain jane, vanilla otherredundantword endorsement… Read More