• Site Builder Wizard Leaves Incubation

    Site Builder Wizard Leaves Incubation

    Another service has jumped on the “easy” site creation bandwagon, this time a small startup out of the Philippines, called The company competes with players like to offer the HTML-challenged a way to get a website up and running, and offers a number of drag-and-drop widgets to do so. Users are started off with a selection of templates which they can customize. Read More

  • Forget The Post Office Line! Pay Those Taxes With Your Cellie

    Before you get all excited about paying your taxes with your cellphone so you can get back to eating Cheese Doodles and watching World Series Poker, note that this is only happening in the Philippines currently. The country’s Internal Revenue Bureau has struck a deal with major telecom and banking groups that will allow personal income taxes to be paid via SMS. Unfortunately, this new… Read More