• Meet Omakase, The Charity That Wants To End The Tech Industry’s Giving Problem

    Meet Omakase, The Charity That Wants To End The Tech Industry’s Giving Problem

    The average salary of Silicon Valley tech professionals is $101,278. So it’s pretty embarrassing that shortages at local charities mean that many needy families in the San Francisco Bay Area are likely to be without turkey this Thanksgiving. And in the top 10 corporations that gave the most cash to charity in 2012, there was not one tech company to be found. Omakase Charity wants to… Read More

  • TC50: Causecast, One Stop Philanthropy Shop is a philanthropic site that brings a number of major figures in politics and entertainment together to pitch and bring attention to 10 non-profit companies a month. Read More

  • Google throws millions at the problems of the world

    It’s almost as if they just typed “problems+the+world+is+currently+facing” into their own search engine, and gave a million dollars to everyone on the first page. They’ve got money going to renewable energy, Tanzanian entrepreneurs, $8m to various health initiatives, and a bunch more. They’re setting up an entire institute in India to do a national assessment of… Read More

  • OLPC project extends buy-one-get-one deal until Dec 31st

    Ah, the gift of giving. And getting. ‘Tis the season (for buying), and those savvy philanthropists at the One Laptop Per Child project have decided to extend the length of their one-for-me, one-for-you, tax-deductible computer sale. Still haven’t decided whether you want one of these sweet little gadgets? Well, now you’ve got a little more time to cogitate, ruminate, and… Read More