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  • Apple’s Phil Schiller Douses Himself In Ice Water, Challenges Tim Cook And Robin To Follow Suit

    Apple’s Phil Schiller Douses Himself In Ice Water, Challenges Tim Cook And Robin To Follow Suit

    Apple SVP Phil Schiller has joined the growing ranks of tech luminaries taking the ice bucket challenge, which involves dumping a bucket of ice water over your head in order to raise awareness and money for the ALS association, the organization seeking a cure for the debilitating nerve disorder also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The point of the challenge is that you perform it… Read More

  • Apple Exec Schiller Steps Out On Twitter A Bit More; Answers Questions, Troubleshoots

    A week ago, it was revealed that Apple executive Phil Schiller was using Twitter. Actually, he had been on the service for about two years, but he wasn’t active, nor was he verified, so no one was sure it was him. Well, now we know it is him and all of a sudden, for whatever reason, he has decided to become an active user. And since stories like ours pushed Schiller from 800 or so… Read More

  • Apple Exec Phil Schiller Now Active On Twitter — And Instagram Too!

    Two years ago, Apple executive Phil Schiller apparently signed up for Twitter and started tweeting. But he didn’t tweet often, and few people followed him, probably assuming it was a fake account. But if Twitter’s verification process is to be believed, the account is real. And further, Schiller has gotten a lot more active in recent weeks on the service. And he’s active on… Read More

  • When is a Steve-note not a Steve-note?

    When it’s a Schiller-note! Apple has confirmed that the 10am keynote on June 8 at WWDC will be led by Philip Schiller, the corporeal form that Apple now takes when it needs to leave the astral plane and speak to us humans. Fun fact: Did you know that Apple is really run by a spiritual energy field so bright and blinding that Apple engineers have to wear special “sensory suits”… Read More

  • Live: Phil Schiller's MacWorld 2009 keynote

    Welcome to our live coverage of Phil Schiller’s MacWorld 2009 keynote. We are hoping and praying that the server holds out so we’re no trying any special tricks this time – just good old fashioned blog posting. To see updates, please hit F5 to refresh. Read More