• print “Happy 25th Birthday, Perl”;

    print “Happy 25th Birthday, Perl”;

    Perl, that boon to the Linux hacker and confuser of non-monks, is 25 years old today. Larry Wall, creator of Perl, released the first version of the ahr language on December 18, 1987 (although Perl 0 existed, Wall refuses to tell when he created it). You could argue that Perl has been overshadowed by other languages like PHP and Python, but every programmer knows there's nothing like a solid Perl… Read More

  • OS X funnies: It's the little things

    OS X funnies: It's the little things

    I had a problem syncing my iPhone to iCal. Basically it wouldn’t let me clear out the syncing cache and I suffered many a missed appointment. So I did some searches, standard stuff, but gave up after a while until today. I did another search and found an Apple forum mention of a quick fix to completely clear out SyncServices, the thing that handles all syncing. It tells you to run a… Read More