• Peel Delivers A DISH And DirectTV Smart Remote For iOS – No New Hardware Required

    Peel Delivers A DISH And DirectTV Smart Remote For iOS – No New Hardware Required

    Peel originally launched as a hardware/software combo to bring smart remote features for your TV to the iPhone, but that was a few years ago, and the company has since focused more on building software, with a mobile app that provides social TV viewing features and personalized recommendations. The startup has been working with Android devices with built-in IR blasters to unite its social… Read More

  • Peel Launches New Social TV App For iOS

    Peel Launches New Social TV App For iOS

    You may remember Peel as the maker of the pear-shaped hardware device which sits in between your smartphone an TV, turning your phone into a universal remote control. Today, as promised, the company has updated its companion mobile application with more social features that allow you to share the shows you’re viewing, see what your friends and family are watching, post recommendations… Read More

  • New Case Device Adds Dual SIMs To iPhone 4

    New Case Device Adds Dual SIMs To iPhone 4

    The makers of the Peel iPod phone adapter have outdone themselves. Their new device – called the Vooma Peel PG92 – is a unique case that, in conjunction with a jailbroken iPhone – adds dual SIM capabilities to the iPhone 4 and 4S. The device itself consists of a back-up battery that can charge your phone and what amounts to a dumbed-down cellphone. When you jailbreak your… Read More

  • Peel’s TV Show Recommendation App Comes To Android

    Peel’s TV Show Recommendation App Comes To Android

    When I think about Peel (the channel surfing/TV show recommendation app originally for iOS, not the crazy Chinese case that turns your iPod Touch into a phone) — I think of it as a sort of two-part formula: one part application, one part hardware. The app by itself is a fine little piece, complete with a slick design and a rather dang good behaviorally trained TV show recommendation… Read More

  • Peel Raises $16.7M To Turn Your Smartphone Into Your Television's Best Friend

    Peel, a startup that’s looking to turn your iOS device into a super-powered universal remote (among other things), has some big news: it’s just closed a $16.7 million Series B funding round led by Ravi Mhatre of Lightspeed Venture Partners, with participation from existing investor Redpoint Ventures and several seed investors. Last month we took a thorough look at how Peel is… Read More

  • Peel Comes To Apple Stores Today

    Peel is a really cool way to ditch your TV provider’s outdated on-screen guide for an app on your iPhone. Set it up with your TV likes and provider info and Boom! instantly better channel surfing interface (Peel works with pretty much every provider). Today, Peel announced availability of their hardware companion at the Apple Store — the free app is on the iTunes Store. Cost for… Read More

  • Peel: A Bridge Between Your iPhone And Home Entertainment System (Video)

    It’s a problem as common as it is ugly: between your television, Blu-Ray player, surround sound tuner, cable box, and DVR, you probably have at least three remotes sitting on your coffee table. And then there’s the elaborate list of steps required to get each component working properly (don’t forget to set the tuner to HDMI2 before firing up the Blu-Ray!) The associated… Read More

  • An iPod touch "Peel" 3G Case Gets Reviewed, Deemed Usable, But Not An iPhone Replacement (Yet)

    The iPod touch has always been looked upon like a phone-less iPhone, but users will soon be able to change that as suddenly, there’s a few different 3G jackets popping up. The seemingly Sprint-bound Peel hit the FCC a few days back and now a similar product was reviewed in China. The Apple Peel 520 (probably not officially endorsed by Apple) seems slightly different than the Sprint Peel… Read More