• Crytek's Cervat Yerli: Despite Crysis 2 Leak, We Still Love The PC

    We all agree that the Crysis 2 leak was pretty crummy, hoping that Crytek doesn’t use it as an excuse to abandon PC development altogether. If the Cervat Yerli’s message on the MyCrisis forum is any indication, then the company won’t hold this latest bit of unpleasantness against the larger PC community. Read More

  • Game Developers Conference Panel Suggests PC PlayStation Move Development

    A panel at this year’s Game Developers Conference has the Internet (or, at the very least, the CG chatroom) spinning around in circles with excitement. The panel, “Update on PlayStation Move Development,” says the official description, “will bring developers up to speed on developing for the PlayStation Move controller. We will cover developing for the new PlayStation… Read More

  • Dreamcast Collection Coming To Xbox 360, PC On February 22

    The long-awaited Dreamcast collection for the Xbox 360 and PC now has a release date: February 22. The collection includes Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Space Channel 5: Part 2 (ha!), and Sega Bass Fishing. No price available just yet. Read More

  • 2011: The Year We Say Goodbye to BIOS And Hello To UEFI

    Are we looking at the final days of BIOS? Apparently so, if we’re to believe the BBC. Its replacement, UEFI (which I’ve taken to pronounce like UEFA, as in the UEFA Champions League), will be found on more and more PCs beginning next year. For end-users that immediately means one thing: much faster boot times. Read More

  • NZXT's Phantom case does a whole lot but doesn't look completely ridiculous

    How do you guys feel about PC cases these days? Are you a fan of the over-the-top styling that so many of them feature, or would you like something a little more staid? I ask because NZXT has a new case called the Phantom. It’s not too crazy—there’s no spinning lights or any of that jazz—and it’s a full tower. That’s key in case you want to rock dual video… Read More

  • Apparently, You Can Still Solder Together Your Own Computer If You Really Want To

    Back in the dark ages, it used to be if you wanted a computer, you built it yourself. And I don’t mean order the parts and put them together, I mean soldering the chip sockets into a breadboard and assembling all the bits by hand. For whatever reason, computer enthusiast Matt Sarnoff misses the halcyon days of the Altair, and decided to build his own PC the old fashion way: with a hot… Read More

  • The Three PC Features I Want On My Next Mac

    This is a counterpoint to The Three Mac Features I Want On My Next PC PCs suck. They’re underpriced, underpowered, and nothing more than disgusting commodity hardware stuck into a box with no regard for usability and peripheral compatibility. But I still want one. Well, sort of. I don’t want to give up OS X my Mac’s performance record or, well, my freedom. So I guess really… Read More

  • eMachines Mini-e ER1402 is a wee bit o' computin' power, by gar

    The twee little Mini-e ER1402 is a $300 computer with a big heart. The fella weighs a mere 9 pounds and has HDMI out and AMD Athlon II NEO Processor, NVIDIA GeForce 9200 graphics and 2GB of memory, just enough for a walk in the park and a wee snoot of brandy at the local after. The shape? Not my absolute fave but when you have so little work with, you kind of take what you can get. Very… Read More

  • Digital Storm announces Special|Ops gaming computers

    Digital Storm just announced their latest PC, the Special|Ops. Intended mainly for the gaming fanatic, the Special|Ops runs the latest is CPU/GPU technology, and comes boxed in a quite attractive and well ventilated case. Of course they’ve already brought us the Black|Ops and the Black|Ops Assassin, so I think we’re starting to see a trend here. Read More

  • Black|OPS Assassin PC chills out vertically

    Digital Storm announced their latest enthusiast PC, the Black|OPS Assassin. Normally we don’t bother telling you about every new computer that hits the market, but this one is actually fairly unique. It’s a departure from your standard design in that it uses vertical cooling, and the laws of physics. Read More

  • Malware targeting iPad users

    Uh oh, sounds like the tablet that Steve brought down from the mountain might be susceptible to attack. A recent campaign by malware spammers has been targeting users of the much hyped iPad, inviting users to download an updated and improved version of iTunes. The update promises to provide more compatibility and better performance, and is completely fake. Read More

  • Maingear shows off their new mX-L notebook

    Maingear just announced their new mX-L 15 notebook, a gaming machine with a price that’s not on the crazy scale. It’s available in multiple configurations of course, which we’ll talk about after the jump. Read More

  • Episodes from Liberty City: The Grand Theft Auto IV DLC heads to PS3, PC on March 30

    Whoa. Rockstar just announced that the two DLCs for Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, will be released for the PS3 and PC on March 30. That’s March 30 world-wide, mind you. The games will be sold separately (as downloads on PSN and Games for Windows Live) as well as in the familiar Episodes from Liberty City double pack. Read More

  • 187x faster than Bluetooth: Sony preps TransferJet-compatible devices

    TransferJet is a close-proximity wireless transfer technology Sony introduced in 2008. The idea is to let two electronic devices quickly exchange data (theoretically at up to 560 Mbps) just by bringing them close together (touch is possible, too). By way of comparison: The data transfer rate for Bluetooth Version 2.0 + EDR stands at just 3 Mbps. Toshiba announced during IFA in Berlin last… Read More

  • PC shipments up 15 percent last quarter (but none of those are the Apple tablet so whatever)

    There was plenty of talk ever since Lehman Brothers exploded in mid-2008 about how would consumers cope. Would they keep buying widgets in the face of insane job cuts? Would they keep buying, but only at a fraction of what they had in the past? Let’s take PC sales, a pretty good barometer of where the average person is. (It’s a big purchase, but not like buying a car or house.)… Read More

  • When Apple Fanboys Rap

    Unless you’ve been living offline for the past year, you’ve undoubtedly heard and/or seen “I’m On A Boat,” Lonely Island’s mock hip hop song/video. Today brings a response to it in the form of a group of Apple fanbois rapping about their love of using Apple products. They even have one character autotuned up, just like T-Pain in the “I’m On A… Read More

  • Psystar, Apple reach settlement: No more PCs pre-loaded with Mac OS X (but Rebel EFI may be safe)

    Some more Psystar news for y’all. You’ll recall that the renegade company was more or less shut down last week, slapped with an injunction and expected to pay Apple an awful lot of money. Put all of that aside for a minute, for there’s new news: Apple and Psystar have struck a deal! The deal, which ends a 17-month-long legal battle, means Psystar will stop selling… Read More

  • IBUYPOWER announces Chimera 2 to celebrate 10 years of bling

    IBUYPOWER computers aren’t exactly known for being subtle but it’s worked for them for 10 years and they are still going strong. To celebrate their anniversary, IBUYPOWER is re-releasing the Chimera 2 with all new hardware and a pretty impressive new paint job. Read More

  • Psystar's Rebel EFI allows you to install Mac OS X on any PC, no crazy Hackintoshing required

    You can almost hear Steve Jobs flipping out right now. Psystar, notable for its efforts to sell generic PCs with Mac OS X pre-loaded, has just released something called Rebel EFI. It’s software that allows you to instal Mac OS X on generic PCs without having to Hackintosh said PC. (Hackintoshing isn’t for the weak of heart!) Update: Psystar’s site is down but here are the… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC) for free with Nvidia graphics card

    PC gamers- Nvidia is running a deal on a handful of graphics cards that comes with a download code for Rocksteady and Eidos’s upcoming Batman title, Batman: Arkham Asylum. If you haven’t played the demo then go and do that now here. It launches with Nvidia 3D Vision support and PhysX game physics on September 15. Oh, the following Nvidia GeForce cards are part of the deal: GTX 260… Read More