• PayPal Stops Personal Payments In Singapore

    PayPal Stops Personal Payments In Singapore

    PayPal will stop allowing personal payments in Singapore on February 20. It said in an email to members that this was due to “regulatory instructions”. People will still be able to make commercial payments for goods and services with their accounts, such as at online merchants, or receive funds, but we can expect that fund transfers between personal accounts will be… Read More

  • The New Grabio Lets You Grab Classified Deals On The Go

    The New Grabio Lets You Grab Classified Deals On The Go

    Grabio has been around for about a year but they’ve recently updated the app and added a number of features. What does it do? Essentially it’s a mobile Craigslist with notifications and location-based searches for classified listings. You can enter any neighborhood, do a quick search, and pick up a broken girls bicycle seat or a gently used full body cast for a few bucks. Pretty… Read More

  • Toshl wants to become the of Europe, if the banks will let them

    While attending an exhausting, snowy yet insightful LeWeb in Paris, the TechCrunch Europe team met with a variety of startups and founders. One of them is a recently launched Slovenian company called Toshl, which gives people a well-designed mobile app to track their day to day expenses. Both the web interface and the mobile version, which is available for most mobile phones such as iPhone… Read More

  • New Visa pay-by-cellphone system goes on trial in Malaysia: Honk if you like the idea

    Americans, virtuous and true, would you use your cellphone as a credit card? That is, instead of whipping out the plastic in front of some high school kid manning the register at Target, would you wave your connected-to-your-credit-card-account cellphone in front of a scanner? In the blink of an eye your transaction is completed, with the total amount being charged to your credit card account. Read More

  • Verizon To Offer Mobile Payments

    Slowly, mobile payments are starting to creep their way into the US. Though foreign countries tend to use the service more, the US will eventually catch on when we all realize that paying your bills while out and about can be easy. Verizon has now announced that it will be using Obopay’s service to allow customers to send mobile payments to each other and stores by using their… Read More