• HP releases new Pavilion notebooks

    If there’s anything better than consumer grade sub-$800 notebooks, God kept it for himself. HP just announced the dm4, dv5, dv6, and dv7 notebooks. All are running the latest processors and the dm4 and dv7 support discrete graphics. The dv6 is a touchscreen laptop, which is great for people who like to touch their screens. Read More

  • AMD and HP combine to form nicely featured 12-inch notelet

    Nestled between the $400-$500 netbooks and the more fully-featured but far less portable laptops like Thinkpads and MacBooks at say $1200 is what we like to call a market vacuum. People who don’t want the limitations of a tiny laptop but need something more portable than a full-size laptop either have to comprimise one way or the other, or else pay through the nose for a MacBook Air… Read More