• Path Launches 'Stacks', A Visual Way To Browse Your Friends' Favorite Things

    Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, Path founder and CEO Dave Morin unveiled the latest version of the privacy-focused photo sharing app. And it brings with it one key, new feature that could change how you use the service: Stacks. The feature is probably best described as a combination of Path’s core photo sharing experience and Facebook Places. Up until now it’s always been possible to… Read More

  • The Truth About Why Path Turned Down A $100 Million Acquisition Offer From Google

    The Truth About Why Path Turned Down A $100 Million Acquisition Offer From Google

    So this is interesting. At TechCrunch Disrupt, Path’s co-founder Dave Morin sat down with our own Jason Kincaid to discuss Path’s strategy and growth. During the conversation, Kincaid asked Morin about that $100 million acquisition offer from Google that we reported previously. As our report goes, in early December Path had a signed term sheet with Kleiner Perkins and Index fpr a… Read More

  • Former Foursquare Head Of Ops Nathan Folkman Leaves Facebook For Path

    Former Foursquare Head of Operations and current Facebooker Nathan Folkman will be joining photo-sharing startup Path as an engineer, Path CEO Dave Morin tells me. Prior to Facebook and Foursquare, Folkman was an engineer at, AOL and Betaworks. He also holds the honor of being the only employee to have ever left Foursquare (for Facebook last November), Foursquare has verified with… Read More

  • Path Fully Embraces Facebook And Busts Out Lenses For Pictures And Video — Including Premium Ones

    Don’t sleep on the mini mobile photo sharing battle that is going to take place at SXSW this year — the companies involved aren’t. Following updates to PicPlz and Instagram, Path has just rolled out a significant update to their iPhone app. It brings four key things: Facebook sharing, lenses, an activity stream, and a new friend suggestion tool. Of these, the connection… Read More

  • Inside the DNA of the Facebook Mafia

    Inside the DNA of the Facebook Mafia

    A lot of things about Facebook have been impressive, even by the Silicon Valley standards. Almost no other Valley company has reached so many people around the world so quickly. Few Valley companies have been considered important forces in causes as disparate as planning a party or a political uprising. Rarely has a kid in his early 20s held onto the CEO reins this long. And of course, no… Read More

  • Path Finally Finds Its Way To Comments

    In announcing their funding last week, Path co-founder Dave Morin noted that they were listening to all the feedback on the product and would be rolling out features that users have made clear they wanted. The biggest of those has to be comments. And today, Path has added them. Dubbed “Path Chat”, this new feature is a comment section that will reside below each Path moment… Read More

  • Finally: Facebook Co-Founder Opens the Curtain on Two-Year Old Asana

    Finally: Facebook Co-Founder Opens the Curtain on Two-Year Old Asana

    Two years ago, when Dustin Moskovitz announced he was leaving Facebook to start a new company with fellow-Facebooker Justin Rosenstein most people thought one of two things: He’d had a falling out with Mark Zuckerberg or he was just crazy. What could be more exciting than Facebook? Moskovitz, of course, was Zuckerberg’s college roommate and co-founder of Facebook. If you get… Read More

  • Google Tried To Buy Path For $100+ Million. Path Said No.

    Google Tried To Buy Path For $100+ Million. Path Said No.

    Yesterday we reported on Path’s new $8.5 million venture round, led by Kleiner Perkins and Index Ventures. I was curious about the valuation and pulled on a couple of threads. What unraveled was a stunning story about a startup that almost ran out of cash, a rebuffed $100+ million buyout offer from Google, and, finally, a new round of financing. Path is still very small, with just… Read More

  • Kleiner Perkins, Index Ventures Lead $8.5 Million Round For Path

    Kleiner Perkins, Index Ventures Lead $8.5 Million Round For Path

    San Francisco-based Path, a mobile social network, has raised a Series A Round of funding. The $8.5 million round was led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Index Ventures. New investor Digital Garage Japan also joined the round, as did previous investor First Round Capital. Chi-Hua Chien and Mike Volpi from Kleiner and Index, respectively, joined the board of directors. Co-founder… Read More

  • You Still Can't Comment On Path Pictures, But Now You Can Virtually Wink At Them

    One thing that intrigues me about Path is that they’re attempting to do things by thinking outside the box. There are too many services, especially in the mobile photo-sharing space right now, that are basically doing the exact same things. Path isn’t. And this opens them up to some ridicule. And today’s latest feature could very well continue that trend. Path has just… Read More

  • Path's Next Controversial Step: 10 Second Videos

    Since their launch, Path has maintained that they aim to be a very personal moment sharing service. The idea there is that it wouldn’t just be limited to photo sharing. And as of tonight, they’re not. Path has just added video support to their iPhone app. And in what is sure to be another controversial idea, the clips are limited to only 10 seconds. The latest version of Path… Read More

  • Path And Facebook Finally Hook Up — But They're Taking It Slow. Also, Reply Via SMS

    When former Facebook Senior Platform Manager Dave Morin left to begin a new startup, it was a solid bet that it would play nicely with the world’s largest social network. But when Path launched in November, just about everyone on the web was surprised at just how… antisocial it was. Well, maybe “antisocial” is the wrong word. It’s more like… Read More

  • Path Update Allows You To Upload Any Photo — With An Honest Twist

    Path launched two weeks ago with a swell of buzz. Then came the backlash. It was swift and merciless. “It’s a social app that discourages large-scale social sharing — WTF?,” seemed to be the main complaint. Well, love it or hate it, Path is sticking to its, yes, path. But an update tonight brings a few nice updates. First and foremost, you can finally use pictures… Read More

  • Momento Is Perhaps The Perfect Passive Diary App

    To me, one of the most interesting thing about Foursquare is the History tab. It transforms the service from a “where you are” app, into a “where you were” log. In a way, it’s sort of like a diary. I wish Twitter was better at this idea as well. Because what I tweeted a year ago says something about how I was feeling, or what I was doing back then. In fact, a lot… Read More

  • Back Of The Phone Apps: Instagram, Picplz, Path Vs. Front Of The Phone App: DailyBooth

    Today during the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, DailyBooth CEO Brian Pokorny took the stage to talk a bit about “picture talking” — that is, social communication through photos. Obviously, Pokorny believes this is a key form of communication amongst the younger generation. But he’s not the only one. Mobile photo sharing apps are getting a lot of buzz and gaining a lot… Read More

  • Dave Morin on Why Smaller Networks Are Better and Photo Apps Aren't Last Week's News (TCTV)

    We grabbed Dave Morin, Path co-founder and CEO, amid his many press interviews and on very little sleep, to ask some of the harder questions that some are raising about the much-hyped new photo sharing application, Path. In particular we were wondering why this site took so long, so much staff and so much money to build compared to other apps, and if it’s really solving a big problem. Read More

  • Path Takes Photo Sharing The Wrong Way

    Path Takes Photo Sharing The Wrong Way

    Buzzy stealthy startup Path, which was founded by ex-Facebooker Dave Morin and Shawn Fanning, finally launched its mobile app tonight. It is a private photo sharing iPhone app similar to Instagram or PicPlz, except that it makes sharing photos more difficult than it needs to be. Path is designed to share photos with only your closest 50 friends, primarily through the app itself. You… Read More

  • After Months Of Buzz, Path Launches: It's Photo Sharing Where You Can Be Yourself

    Over the last few months there’s been plenty of buzz and speculation about Path, a hitherto “stealthish” company that was founded by long time Facebook employee Dave Morin, along with Shawn Fanning and Dustin Mierau. The company has raised funding from a very impressive list of investors that includes Ron Conway, Paul Buchheit, Keith Rabois, Ashton Kutcher, and a laundry list… Read More

  • Path Snags Digg's Matt Van Horn As VP Of Biz Dev, Approaches Launch

    Digg Head of Business Development Matt Van Horn is leaving Digg to move over to the “stealthish” startup Path as VP of Business Development. This Friday will be his last day at Digg, which just this week announced its V.4 redesign. From Van Horn’s announcement email to colleagues: When I graduated college in 2006, it was a crazy dream to move to the bay area and join a… Read More

  • Dave Morin Leaves Facebook, To Launch New Startup With Napster Creator Shawn Fanning

    Long time Facebook employee Dave Morin (pictured left), an early member of the team that led the launch of Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect, is leaving the company today, we’ve confirmed. He’s starting a new company with Napster creator Shawn Fanning. Fanning sold his most recent startup, Rupture, to EA in early 2008. What we don’t know is what that startup will do, and… Read More

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