• A Vegas Drone Rodeo In The Rain

    A Vegas Drone Rodeo In The Rain

    Just like last year, we paid a visit to the annual Drone Rodeo in the Nevada desert ahead of the first day of CES this year. Unlike last year, though, the weather was horrible. As we arrived at the Clark County Shooting Complex (and no, drone shooting wasn’t on the program), it was already windy and miserably cold. After about ten minutes, it started raining. Unsurprisingly… Read More

  • 10 Of The Coolest Gadgets We Saw At CES 2016

    10 Of The Coolest Gadgets We Saw At CES 2016

    We met tons of brand new tech startups at CES this year and saw gadgets ranging from health-focused wearables, drones, 3D printers, and AR/VR headsets. We even got views of the Las Vegas strip from 1,000 feet off the ground in the UberCHOPPER. These were the hottest hardware startups and most interesting gadgets from the show, and you can find our full coverage of this year’s… Read More

  • Parrot’s Henri Seydoux Shares His Vision Of The Future Of Drones

    Parrot’s Henri Seydoux Shares His Vision Of The Future Of Drones

    Parrot has had an interesting week. Many were expecting a new drone from the famous drone maker (among other things). But when you think about drones, chances are you are picturing a quadcopter in your mind. Instead, the company unveiled and airplane-like drone with two wings. Read More

  • Parrot’s Pot Helps You Keep Your Houseplants Alive

    Parrot’s Pot Helps You Keep Your Houseplants Alive

    Parrot is probably best known for its drones, but the company actually offers a wide range of products that also includes headphones and in-car infotainment technology. Last year at CES, Parrot first showed its robotic plant pot. At the time, that was just a prototype, but now the company is ready to launch this new product line in the first quarter of 2016. Read More

  • Parrot’s Newest Drone Has Wings

    When you think of consumer drones, chances are you are thinking of quadcopters. But fixed-wing drones have long been a staple of the military and the model aircraft community and now Parrot, which pioneered the quadcopter craze with its AR.Drone, is getting into the fixed-wing game, too. The 700-gram Parrot Disco, which the company has been working on for the last two years, is a small… Read More

  • Parrot Unveils Bebop Drone 2 With Twice The Battery Life

    Parrot on Tuesday unveiled its Bebop Drone 2, a smaller version of its popular consumer model that has a 25-minute battery life — twice that of its predecessor. The Bebop 2 will hit stores and the skies on December 14 and retail at $550. Like the first Bebop drone, this model will be able to stream 1080p video to a tablet, phone or virtual reality headset. Its 14-megapixel camera is… Read More

  • A Look at Parrot's New MiniDrone Lineup

    Parrot Unveils 13 New Minidrones That Jump And Glide For Under $189

    Parrot unveiled 13 new minidrones this week, all for under $189. The terrestrial “Jumping” drone got a major upgrade, with LED lights for nighttime driving, an internal 4GB memory to record video, and a “boost mode” that brings its top speed to 8mph. Read More

  • Parrot’s Drone Revenues Were Up 356% Year-Over-Year

    Parrot’s Drone Revenues Were Up 356% Year-Over-Year

    Parrot saw a big bump in drone sales between its first quarter for 2015, and the same period last year – there was a 356 percent increase in revenue derived from the category between those two measurement spans, with consumer drones leading the big increase with 483 percent revenue growth. Pro drones, like Parrot’s eBee Ag agricultural model, also saw revenues rise 164 percent… Read More

  • Parrot Announces Smart Devices H2O and the Pot

    The Parrot Pot And H2O Give You A Robotic Green Thumb

    When you think of Parrot, chances are you are thinking about the A.R. Drone or its recently launched Bebop drone. But as its CEO Henri Seydoux told me in an interview earlier today, drones are only one area of interest for the company. Parrot is interested in everything that connects to the smartphone and these days, that includes your house plants. The company today unveiled two new gadgets… Read More

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