• Rakuten Opens Its First European R&D Center In Paris

    Rakuten Opens Its First European R&D Center In Paris

    Rakuten, the Japan-based Internet services company, opened its first European research and development center in Paris today. Called the Rakuten Institute of Technology, this is Rakuten’s third R&D center in the world. The other two are in Tokyo, with 40 employees, and New York, with 10. Rakuten’s Paris R&D center will combine with its big data group there, adding a total of… Read More

  • This Week On The TC Europe Podcast: Paris Gets A Supersized Incubator, Tesco Does A Tablet & Valkee Flogs In-Ear Light

    This Week On The TC Europe Podcast: Paris Gets A Supersized Incubator, Tesco Does A Tablet & Valkee Flogs In-Ear Light

    After a short hiatus, during which most of TechCrunch’s Europe-based writers packed their laptops and took off for San Francisco (for Disrupt), the TechCrunch Europe Podcast is back to chew over a few choice nuggets of regional tech news. On the slate this week, Paris getting its own supersized incubator; Tesco doing its own-brand tablet; and a device that shines light into your… Read More

  • Tournaire Expression Watches Have Little Cities On Them

    Jewelry and watch designer Philippe Tournaire has created some really interesting things. For me, he will be most famous for being the guy who turns architecture into rings. Really. Image a ring with a gold building on it – yup. Tournaire’s newest creation combines this concept with a watch, but in a way that is just sort of weird. In fact, as hard as it may have been someone… Read More

  • Is this the greatest photo ever?

    Is this the greatest photo in the world? Apparently so! It’s a 26-gigapixel (!), 220-degree panorama of Paris. If it’s not the greatest photo in the world, then, according to its photographers, then it’s certainly the largest. You have to visit the site to appreciate it, obviously. Read More

  • The madness continues: Paris airport installs full-body scanning machines

    Another international airport has adopted those full-body scanners that have proven to be so controversial. Paris’ Charles de Gaulle has installed the machine on a three-month trial basis. Read More

  • Wozaik close to launch, 200 invites for TechCrunch Europe readers

    [France] Wozaik, a Paris-based startup which is developing a dynamic bookmarking system, is giving away 200 invites for an exclusive preview of their platform to Techcrunch Europe readers. You can grab one here on a first-come-first-serve basis. Despite still being in private alpha (a beta should launch soon), Wozaik has garnered some early attention in the French startup scene after becoming… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Paris demo spot hits the Internets

    Someone managed to get their hands on the ad spot for Sony Ericsson’s P5 Paris, and as with just about any video with “Paris” in the title, it wound up on the internet for all to see. Details about this QWERTY/NumPad combo slider have been leaking out since the beginning of April — word is it’ll be made official at Sony Ericsson’s press conference in… Read More

  • Photos of Sony Ericsson 'Paris'

    Some photos of Sony Ericsson’s upcoming “Paris” smartphone (that’s its codename, at least) have been floating around lately. The device looks pretty nice, I guess, with a comfortable-looking keyboard and big screen. Is it too big, though? I guess we’ll see. Read More