• FiftyThree, Maker Of Drawing App Paper, Raises $15 Million From Andreessen Horowitz And Others

    FiftyThree, Maker Of Drawing App Paper, Raises $15 Million From Andreessen Horowitz And Others

    FiftyThree, the startup behind the wildly popular drawing app Paper, has closed a Series A round of financing from Andreessen Horowitz, we’ve learned. The investment was led by Chris Dixon, and could help the company to expand with new products for its iPad fan base. Read More

  • FiftyThree | Time Inc. 10 NYC Startups to Watch

    Paper Creators FiftyThree Mulling More Products, And A Tablet Stylus Might Be Next

    Paper by FiftyThree is one of the most beautiful digital products on the market today. The immersive drawing app for tablets has won Apple’s Design Award, a Crunchie, and was most recently honored at Time Inc.’s 10 NYC Startups To Watch party. So how do you build on that kind of success? Read More

  • Build Your Own Dark Paper Craft Gods With Foldable.Me

    Build Your Own Dark Paper Craft Gods With Foldable.Me

    I’ve been avoiding writing about Foldable.Me for a while because I find the process of paper craft to be in the realm of obsessive hobbies that require a degree of intensity and sufficiently unsweaty palms that I simply do not possess. But, we must ask ourselves, what if a startup did the hard, hard work of printing out laser-cut paper craft models for you without all that mussing about… Read More

  • Backed By Palantir, Groupon Brazil Co-founders, Printi Wants To Bring A Web-Based Kinko’s To Brazil

    Backed By Palantir, Groupon Brazil Co-founders, Printi Wants To Bring A Web-Based Kinko’s To Brazil

    American investors and VC firms (like Sequoia and Accel) have begun to turn their attention to Latin America, particularly to one of the region’s fastest growing economies: Brazil. Thanks to skyrocketing Internet penetration, the growing number of B2C eCommerce companies that have popped up over the last year and a population of just under 200 million, Brazil has become an appealing… Read More

  • PaperBecause: A Paper Industry Astroturf Defending Paper

    How prescient! I just wrote that the dead-tree book is dying and a tipster sent us in this charming little site dedicated to the joy of paper – funded by a paper manufacturer, one of the biggest in the world. Domtar is the “largest integrated producer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America and the second largest in the world based on production capacity” and business… Read More

  • New solar cells printed on paper

    Everyone loves the idea of solar energy. The three big challenges are that solar cells are expensive to produce, they’re not very efficient, and you need some means to store the energy collected. I’d heard of solar shingles before, which are basically roofing shingles with solar cells in them, but now word is coming out of solar cells printed on paper. As usual, the technology is… Read More

  • Plastic Logic will show off a fancy, new electronic paper device today

    She’s on the left Is electronic paper ready to hit the big time? Plastic Logic is set to unveil a version of electronic paper at Demo (a tech trade show in San Diego) today, one that the reeling newspaper industry desperately wants to succeed. The device still doesn’t have a name, nor will it have a price—we’ll have to wait until CES to find out what it costs (provided… Read More

  • Productivity Tips: Take a Tech break and use paper

    Since this is Productivity Week, I was told to come up with some short and sweet tips for you to enjoy. So I quickly started to brainstorm. At first I was using my computer to try and find tips, but I found myself getting distracted. So I moved to a piece of paper I had lying around. As soon as I put my pen to the paper I thought, “Wow this could be my first productivity tip.” If… Read More

  • Pepastar paper construction kit

    Here’s another cool tidbit we found in the design hall. This is a paper construction set you can use to create little figures with stars of paper. Although the shapes are fairly basic, the little buggers are pretty cute and very cleverly designed. Think of it as Legos made of paper. Product Page Read More

  • Spaceships to be made out of paper if Japan Folded Paper Plane Society has anything to say about it

    Leaving no doubt that Japan is the country to beat when it comes to throwing paper airplanes out of space stations, the University of Tokyo has developed a paper airplane that can be thrown out of a space station. The plane was designed by the Japan Folded Paper Plane Society and will be tossed from the International Space Station, where it will eventually enter Earth’s atmosphere at… Read More

  • AT&T Rep Talks About Lengthy iPhone Bills

    With all these 300-page iPhone bills being mailed out to AT&T customers, it was only a matter of time before someone started wondering how many trees would die a day. Now an AT&T rep is commenting on the issue and says that the company encourages paperless billing and is no longer giving customers detailed statements. Says the rep: Read More