• Google Glass "Meet The Team" Easter Egg

    Google Glass Easter Egg Introduces You To The Entire Team In A Panoramic Image Controlled By Your Head’s Movement

    As more developers are receiving their pair of Google Glass, the tinkering with the device is heating up. One developer found a very interesting easter egg within Glass itself, which introduces you to the entire Glass team. The steps to reproduce it are fairly simple: Settings -> Device info -> View licenses -> Tap the touchpad 9 times -> Tap Meet Team Here’s a video demo… Read More

  • PanaCast Is A Unique Panoramic Video Conferencing Experience

    PanaCast Is A Unique Panoramic Video Conferencing Experience

    Video conferencing, especially in a work setting, can be a real pain in the ass. But PanaCast, unlike other video conferencing platforms, actually seems like something that would be both fun and exceedingly useful. PanaCast is a crowdfunded panoramic video conferencing platform that Ross Rubin covered back in December in one of his Backed Or Whacked posts. Ross wholeheartedly backed the… Read More

  • Sunex SuperFisheye 5.6mm full-circle lens

    Sunex SuperFisheye 5.6mm full-circle lens

    Sometimes 14mm isn’t wide enough. Honestly, I don’t need a lens that wide, but with popular cropped-FOV DSLRs like the Rebel XT and Nikon D40, you lose a lot of those precious millimeters so there’s definitely a market for something like this. 5.6mm is insanity though — and as you can see, it covers a lot of real estate. Still, if you’re trying to get the… Read More

  • Olympus reveals 360-degree HD Camera

    Olympus reveals 360-degree HD Camera

    Sure, they’ve been shooting panoramas since the days of sepia-tone, but it’s never been so easy, and it’s never been so def. Hi-def, that is. This new Olympus gadget shoots full circle within a vertical plane of 50°. The company explains that by optimizing the axisymmetric free-form-surface lens, which apparently is the cylindrical lens element, they were able to achieve… Read More