• Good for Yahoo, And Everyone Else Except

    Yahoo, as well as Pandora, MTV, Real/Rhapsody and many others are honoring the “day of silence” today in protest of the ridiculous new royalty rates for Internet radio stations. The big music labels have lobbied to get the U.S. government to really stick it to Internet radio stations, when terrestrial radio stations pay nothing to play songs and Satellite providers pay a… Read More

  • Sonos Introduces Hot New Bundles, Gets Pandora

    Sonos today announced the availability of the $999 Bundle 130 (BU130). The bundle includes one Sonos ZonePlayer 80 (ZP80), one ZonePlayer 100 (ZP100) and one Controller 100 (CR100). The package will allow users to wirelessly stream music to two rooms and control it remotely using the awesome controller. Users can also opt to include a Loudspeaker 100, bringing the package total to $1,149. Read More

  • Pandora Shows Off Streaming Prototype, Someone Better Tell Sansa!

    Looks like Sansa’s Connect is essentially an OEM product out of Taiwan because Pandora is showing off a rebadged device to showcase its wireless streaming products. No real information on this thing, but TechCrunch got some screenshots and pictures. I wouldn’t expect Pandora to actually launch this device — it’s a proof of concept, kind of like the Music Gremlin… Read More

  • Prototype Of Pandora Wifi Device Shown Tonight In San Francisco

    Pandora made a number of announcements tonight at a press/user event at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, which we covered earlier. Deals with Sonos and Sprint were announced that bring Pandora Internet radio into the home and to mobile devices. They also made a pre-announcement, however, of an upcoming Wifi music player to be built by SanDisk and powered by Zing. The working… Read More

  • Pandora WiFi Player Coming

    Pandora went mobile last night, and in another announcement, released a new WiFi device produced by the same guys that brought us Yahoo’s WiFi music player, SanDisk. As TechCrunch reports, CTO Tom Conrad demoed a prototype of device pictured below. There’s a lot up in the air about the details of the player. Will it have a hard drive? How much will it cost? When will it be released? Read More

  • Pandora Still Hates Foreigners, But Is Now on Sprint and Sonos

    Pandora, the U.S.’s favorite streaming music service, just launched two new products, Pandora for Sprint and Pandora for Sonos. Read More

  • Pandora Goes Mobile, and Sonos, and More

    Music streaming service Pandora has had its ups and downs over the last two years since launching. People love to listen to their personalized radio stations that get more and more tailored as you tell it what you like and don’t like. But recent changes to the royalty rates they must pay the RIAA for playing music over the Internet will be going up drastically in the coming years. Read More

  • Pandora Goes Mobile

    At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Pandora has just announced their new mobile client for Sprint phones. TechCrunch has more details on the announcement. The client will let Sprint customers stream their Pandora radio stations to their phones. For the next 30 days the client will be free by going to on your mobile phone. After that, you will need a Pandora premium… Read More

  • The Futurist: The Future of Pandora is Mobile

    Thanks to the Copyright Royalty Board, beginning in mid-July, all Internet radio stations will see substantially higher royalty fees. Fees so high, that it isn’t difficult to imagine vast swaths of the musical Internet becoming dead air overnight. Most frightening of all is the prospect of losing Pandora — one of the truly great things to come from the entire Interweb. I had… Read More

  • International Pandora Listeners Getting The Shaft

    For those of you unfamiliar with Pandora, it’s pretty much the best Internet radio service out there next to iTunes. It helps you find artists similar to those you currently listen to and it does a pretty darn-good job of doing it. But there is bad news for those of you who use Pandora and don’t live in the United States. As of today, you’re now banned from listening to… Read More

  • Pandora To Shut Out Non-U.S. Users Thursday Evening

    If you live outside of the U.S. and enjoy listening to customized radio stations on Pandora, brace yourself for some bad news. The site will be shutting you out starting Thursday evening. Registered users who access the service from outside the U.S. received a warning email yesterday letting them know that this will be happening. Pandora operates under Section 114 of the DMCA, which gives them… Read More

  • The Nitty Gritty On the Slacker Music Service

    Wired recently sat down with Broadband Instruments to talk about its new Slacker music service. In a nutshell, it sounds like a music-lover’s dream. Slacker is comprised of both a service and hardware device. The service will use either WiFi or satellite bandwidth to serve up music channels to owners of the Slacker player. Tons of music, lots to choose from, all that great stuff… Read More

  • New Music Service Slacker Has (very) Broad Ambitions

    The founding team of new music service Slacker, which launched this morning, includes three former music startup CEOs (Dennis Mudd, Musicmatch, acquired by Yahoo), Jim Cady (Rio) and Jonathan Sasse (iRiver). And they’re going to need these guys and their connections, because Slacker isn’t just some new music service. They have broad reaching goals that bring them face to face… Read More

  • Social Music Overview

    Keeping with the theme of Mike’s Online Photo Editing Overview, I wanted to cover some of the entrants into social music. Music was probably the first type of rich media to really go “Web 2.0” and it’s become a pretty popular place for startups. As a result, there are some great Rich Internet Applications built around social music. Anyone who makes music a part of… Read More

  • 2007: Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without

    A year ago I wrote a post called “Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn’t Live Without” and listed thirteen startups whose products made a real impact in my life. Those were the products that I loved, and used every day. I enjoyed sorting through the hundreds of startups that we had written about, and picking just a handful that made a real impact on my life. It was so much fun… Read More

  • Pandora Goes Social

    Pandora, which plays streaming music for free via a flash player on its site, is one of the first companies we profiled on TechCrunch, back in August 2005 during the original Bar Camp meetup. I still listen to it most of the time I’m writing blog entries. Pandora continues to rack up new users (the current count is 4.5 million regular users, up from 1.8 million in May) and Pandora is… Read More

  • News Bits: Skype, Pandora and Meebo

    There are a few product updates going out tonight or tomorrow morning involving Meebo, Pandora and Skype that are worth mentioning. Skype Adds Skypecasts Skype is releasing version 2.5 beta of its client software on Wednesday. There are some cool new features: the ability to send and SMS to any worldwide cell phone, improved conference calling (you see who’s talking), and other small… Read More

  • Update on Pandora/ Mashup

    For those of you who are fans of Pandora, or both, you’ll like this mashup by Gabe Kangas. I wrote about it last month, when it was a bit of a hack. Now, Pandora is fully supporting the effort and has even given Gabe access to the Pandora API to create a more stable application. The mashup is basically the Pandora player, and listeners have the ability to add music played by… Read More

  • Pandora and Together…sort of

    People who love music seems to either be Pandora folks or folks, and the two groups often disagree (see, for example, the comments to this post). Quite frankly, the two services each do different things very well, although there is some overlap. Pandora is great for discovering new music based on what you like. is also good at music discovery, but you can’t stream… Read More

  • Pandora Releases Sharing Features

    Pandora, which has lately been the subject of intense comparisons to competitor, will release a number of new features aimed at sharing tonight. Many of the features are being added to a user’s “favorites” page (a bookmark list of songs you’ve heard that you like). An example of a favorites page is here. Users now have the ability to listen to a thirty second… Read More