• Panasonic Officially Announces G3 Micro Four Thirds Camera With Touch Control

    It kind of leaked yesterday, but now Panasonic made the Lumix DMC-G3 official. The micro four-thirds camera is the successor to the DMC-G2, and apart from improving just about every technical feature, the new model is more compact and now boasts a touch-based UI. Read More

  • Panasonic G3 Camera Leaked, Should Be Showing Up Late Tonight

    A new Panasonic micro four-thirds camera, successor to the DMC-G2, is scheduled to be announced tomorrow in London, according to 4/3 Rumors. It’ll have a new 15.8-megapixel sensor, a 3″ articulating LCD, a more compact body, and a few other notable features. It’s supposed to hit the wire at 8AM in London, which is midnight here in Seattle. We’ll have all the juicy… Read More

  • TechCrunch TV Goes HD

    If you have been watching TechCrunch TV interviews lately, you may have noticed the videos are much sharper, crisper and much higher quality. The reason: we’ve gone HD. We are now using a new workflow with HD cameras and HD video switcher. Our shows from New York (Fly or Die and Founder Stories) have always been produced in HD at AOL Studios. But, now our San Francisco studio has… Read More

  • Gyutto: Panasonic's Newest E-Bike Has 2 Child Seats

    First a sporty model, now this family-friendly one: Panasonic announced [JP, PDF] the Gyutto, an electric bike that can carry two children (one in the front, another in the back), and which actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. The Gyutto will come with 22- (front) and 26-inch (back) wheels. Read More

  • Report: Panasonic To Cut 40,000 Jobs

    A little bird has told Reuters that Panasonic’s earnings call, due to start shortly, will bring news of huge layoffs in the works. The company is expected to announce 40,000 jobs will be cut from its 380,000-strong workforce. The cuts, which would take place over the next two years, would be the result of continuing “streamlining” in the face of tough competition. Just a… Read More

  • EBE-ENZ032: Panasonic Rolls Out Cool Sports E-Bike

    While electric bikes per se are a good, eco-friendly concept, a lot of the models out there actually look pretty boring. Not so Panasonic’s BE-ENZ032 [JP], a sports e-bike that just went on sale in Japan (Panasonic says that the design was inspired by Motocross bikes). Read More

  • The Chargepad Is Panasonic's New Wireless Charging Solution For Mobile Chargers

    If you’re like me, you don’t leave the house without a mobile charger in case the cell phone battery goes dry. And that’s exactly the target group for the so-called Chargepad Panasonic announced [JP] today: it’s essentially a device that charges mobile chargers wirelessly (also compare this to Hitachi’s approach by which you charge gadgets, in that case the… Read More

  • Let's Chat: Panasonic's "Tablet" Helps Handicapped People Communicate

    Panasonic‘s subsidiary, Panasonic Healthcare, has developed the “Let’s Chat” [JP], a tablet-like device that helps people who can’t speak or use their hands anymore to communicate with others. According to the company, the target group includes, for example, people suffering from sclerosis or those recovering from serious accidents. Read More

  • Panasonic Announces World's First Rewritable 100GB BDXL Disc

    In July last year, Sharp showed the world’s first triple-layer BDXL discs with 100GB capacity. While the discs were great (and enough to store about 720 minutes of terrestrial digital broadcasting), they weren’t rewritable. But the LM-BE100J BDXL Blu-rays, announced [JP] by Panasonic today, are. Read More

  • Panasonic Donates "Life Innovation Container" To Victims Of The Japan Disaster

    Granted, Panasonic’s so-called “Life Innovation Container” isn’t nearly as cool as the futuristic mobile robot house from Japan we’ve shown you back in January. But the victims of the big earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 still need any help they can get, which means Panasonic’s decision to send one unit of the container to Minami-Sanrikucho… Read More

  • Panasonic And Partners Announce New M-3DI Active-Shutter 3D Standard

    Because the world of 3D isn’t confusing enough already! Yes, a new standard is rising, led by Panasonic and joined by a number of partners. M-3DI is a new “can we all just agree on this” standard for active-shutter 3D systems. What differentiates it from the systems that don’t follow its standard? Nothing, it appears, except that M-3DI devices will all work with each other. Read More

  • Panasonic Shows Portable TV With Wi-Fi, DLNA, Web Radio Support

    Panasonic Japan today announced the SV-ME870 [JP], a portable, digital 7-inch VIERA TV. There are quite a few of these devices available in Japan, but this one is probably the “mobile TV” with the most features on board at this point. Read More

  • Panasonic's GH2 Gets Reviewed

    DP Review has posted their (as usual) exhaustive and technical review of Panasonic’s latest micro four-thirds camera, the DMC-GH2. We’ve been looking forward to this one, and it doesn’t disappoint: it addresses some of the failures of the GH1 while improving and expanding on the feature set and ameliorating noise issues. I’m still waiting on the Fujifilm X100 (or… Read More

  • Video: Panasonic Face Recognition System Detects 64 Faces Simultaneously

    If you thought the face recognition technology from NEC we’ve shown you last year was impressive, think again: Panasonic is working on a system that can recognize 64 faces and compare 32 faces at the same time. The maker, Panasonic System Networks, says that’s up from only 8 faces the previous system (NV200) could register. Read More

  • Panasonic Joins the Linux Foundation

    Word comes today that consumer electronics giant Panasonic is joining the Linux Foundation at the Gold level, which is the Linux Foundation’s second highest tier. Panasonic joins AMD, Cisco, HP, Google and other big names at the Gold level, confirming beyond any doubt that Linux is an integral part of the consumer electronics market. Panasonic had been a founding member of the… Read More

  • Panasonic Announces E-Bike Specifically Designed For High-School Students

    While e-bikes are struggling on their way to enter the mainstream in other places of the world, makers in Japan are already starting to segment the market. Panasonic today announced [JP, PDF] the BE-ENSK63 for the local market, an e-bike specifically aimed at “junior high-school students”. Read More

  • Panasonic Cancels The Jungle Gaming System, Act Surprised

    The official word from Panasonic is that “changes in the market and in our own strategic direction” caused the cancelation of the Jungle gaming system. In other words, Panny suits finally came to their senses and decided it’s a bit too late in the game to bring a whole new platform to market. With Sony rolling out the powerhouse NGP handheld and Nintendo moving towards 3D… Read More

  • Bizpad: Panasonic Announces Windows CE Tablet

    It turns out Fujitsu isn’t the only Japanese electronics company still producing Windows tablets: Panasonic today announced [JP] the so-called BizPad, a device with a 6.5-inch screen specifically aimed at – you guessed it – businesses. Read More

  • Panasonic Shows First Gesture-Controlled TV

    Panasonic today announced [JP] what it says is the world’s first gesture-controlled TV, meaning the device doesn’t require you to use the remote control or touch the screen (at least for basic operations). Instead, you can change channels by waving your hand to the right or left in front of the display (if you’re 5-10cm away), thanks to the 2 motion sensors the TV comes with. Read More

  • Panasonic's Latest Camcorders Are More Extreme Than You

    Panasonic just outed two camcorders for the adventurous types among us. These cams pack 1080p recording modes, electronic image stabilization, mild waterproof/shockproof casings and high megapixel stills. You know, the type of things for extreme sports or general parenting. The pistol style-HX-WA10 and candy bar-ish HM-TA20 should hit retailers by the end of April at competitive prices. Read More

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