• Paintzen Inks Deal With Benjamin Moore To Become Official Paint Supplier

    Paintzen Inks Deal With Benjamin Moore To Become Official Paint Supplier

    Paintzen, having spent the last two years bringing paint into the on-demand economy, is today announcing a new partnership with Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore will now be the official paint supplier for the startup, which matches painting professionals with clients to offer a paint job — in a home or an office — on demand. “We saw that a lot of people have started to buy… Read More

  • California hopes to help the environment by banning black cars

    Mafia types and limousine drivers take note: according to the latest California Air Resources Board report, dark and black cars could soon be verboten. Why? Because darker colors require heavier air conditioning usage, naturally. A Mythbusters-type test is in order here but I suspect that the actual difference, internally and while in motion, between a white car and a black car is negligible… Read More

  • New Paint Stops Wi-Fi Stealing Neighbors

    You may soon be able stop your packet sniffing, WEP cracking neighbors from stealing your precious internet with Wi-Fi blocking paint. That’s right. Nothing complicated, just paint. Read More

  • Paint: Behind the Scenes of the Most Important Software Application Ever

    It is with no doubt that without MS Paint, we would still be using Pine and browsing the World Wide Web as boring ASCII text instead of via the graphical nature we now enjoy. Indeed, the design elements of almost every Website in creation today were hand-drawn by talented artists in Paint, including this very blog. We just feel it was about time someone really took the time to document the… Read More

  • WiFi/RF-Blocking Paint To Hit Stores

    We’ve covered tech paint before, but this is an interesting idea. If it does indeed work, this special stuff helps keep your WiFi inside your home. It essentially acts as tinfoil, blocking the radio waves that WiFi travels on, meaning that if you use this on your exterior walls, snooping neighbors won’t have access to your base station. Sadly, it’s not smart; it… Read More

  • Mighty Brighty Projector Paint

    I like this idea of paint-on screens. It makes sense in that unobtrusive modern way. Granted most white walls would be sufficient for projection, but if you want something more specific consider this. The Mighty Brighty projection screen paint is highly reflective white paint. It’s that simple really. The paint starts at $190 and goes up to $580. Is it worth it? Probably not, but I… Read More