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  • Nokia Ovi Store Launch Is A Complete Disaster

    This was supposed to be a glorious day for mobile phone giant Nokia. The Finnish company got out-innovated by Apple a couple of years ago with the introduction and subsequent success of the iPhone and the iTunes App Store, and has been desperately trying to catch up with Cupertino’s disruptive initiatives ever since by launching a couple of new devices on one hand, and consolidating… Read More

  • Nokia's Ovi Store Opens For Business: 10 Must-Downloads To Kick Off

    Nokia’s very own central application marketplace, dubbed Ovi Store, today officially made its way to the public arena as we expected. We’ve browsed the online store extensively and hand-picked 10 applications we think you should download and install first. Note that the available content you can download depends on which device you’re using, we’ve selected the… Read More

  • Nokia's Very BigHuge Giant App Store! (TM)

    Nokia is planning an app store that could explode your head out of your ears and make your bladder explode in delight. Called the Ovi Store, this amazing app store will have 20,000 apps on launch, enough for all the men, women, and children in Scranton, Pennsylvania to enjoy an app a day for fifteen years. I’m not quite sure why Forbes sees the Ovi Store as the second coming of the… Read More