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  • Your Windows 10 Password Will Be Your Face

    Your Windows 10 Password Will Be Your Face

    Microsoft announced this morning two components of Windows 10, its next operating system, that will help users log into both hardware and digital services. Windows Hello will allow users with machines that have the required hardware to log into their computing device using their face, eyes, or fingerprint. Not all machines will run Windows Hello. Microsoft noted in a blog post that computers… Read More

  • Review: Google’s Android OS Might Be Better Suited For Tablets, And The Nexus 10 Is A Shining Example

    Review: Google’s Android OS Might Be Better Suited For Tablets, And The Nexus 10 Is A Shining Example

    This week, Google announced a new lineup of devices that would be running its Android OS, Jelly Bean version 4.2. Those new devices are a phone and a new 10-inch tablet, called the Nexus 10. I’ve had a chance to play with both devices, specifically the Nexus 10, and I actually surprised myself with how the device has fit into my daily routine. Read More

  • Glide: an operating system for the web

    I’ve been opining for awhile now that web-based applications and services are going to become more and more a part of our everyday computing experience. You can create documents, chat, even play Quake all from the comfort of your web browser. There’s a growing segment of web based operating systems, too, which strive to give you a consistent experience regardless of the… Read More

  • Phantom Operating System to kill Windows AND Linux

    Russian programmer Dmitry Zavalishin is working on a revolutionary new concept for an operating system. In Zavalishin’s Phantom OS, snapshots of the entire system will be continually saved to disk, preserving state for running applications and active data. There are no files in the traditional sense, instead a file is merely an object with persistent state. Neat! Read More

  • Intel's new OS for netbooks

    Intel hasn’t had a history of liking the idea of netbooks since the low price point of the Atom processor that most of them are based on doesn’t allow for very high profit margins. Well, it looks like Intel has realized that netbooks are here to stay because they’ve just taken the wraps off their own flavor of Linux optimized for the Atom processor: Moblin. Read More

  • Microsoft overwhelmed by Windows 7 beta requests, will be available again soon

    Looks like Microsoft didn’t anticipate the demand for its Windows 7 beta, as many of you are no doubt aware. As such, Microsoft is busy adding hardware to its fledgling online operation and will re-open beta downloads when it’s got everything all set up. Read More