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  • Opera Hits 150 Million Users, Announces The Milestone In A Super Creative Way

    “Check out Opera.com“, a spokesperson for the eponymous Norwegian software company asks me. I do, and what I see seems to be Opera Software co-founder Jon S. von Tetzchner‘s email inbox, browseable and all. Evidently, this isn’t the man’s actual email inbox, but seemingly the result of a night of drunken brainstorming by the marketing team at the wacky browser… Read More

  • Behold Opera Mobile For Android: Speedy, Pinch-To-Zoom, Geolocation And More

    Opera Software has released its (second) free mobile browser product for the Android platform. Grab the app, dubbed Opera Mobile 10.1 beta, now in Android Market or here. Yes, Opera was already available for Android, in a fairly limited way. Opera Mini, has been live on the market since July, but now you can also download the company’s full-fledged browser, Opera Mobile, from the… Read More

  • First Alpha Of Opera 11 Released, Developers Can Now Build Extensions

    Announced last week at a global press event, Opera Software has now debuted the next version of its desktop browser, aptly named Opera. The new browser, which is dubbed Opera 11 and is currently in ‘alpha’ mode, features extensions for the first time in the history of the company / product. Read More

  • The Father Of CSS Talks HTML5, CSS3 (A TCTV Interview)

    Lots of abbreviations in the title and URL, but with an audience like TechCrunch’s I’m not too worried about the point coming across or not. At this week’s Opera press event held in Oslo, Norway, I had a chance to spend a couple of minutes talking to Håkon Wium Lie, who is not only the software company’s chief technology officer but also broadly known as the… Read More

  • Exclusive Video: Opera Mobile Running On An Android Phone (TCTV)

    By now, I assume you’ve heard that Opera Software will soon be bringing its full-fledged mobile browser product, Opera Mobile, to Android Market for people to download and use free of charge. The company declines to say when exactly they intend to launch the product, going only as far as to say it will be “within the next few weeks”. The public release of the consumer… Read More

  • Opera 11 To Come With Extensions: Calls For An Interview And A Demo (TCTV)

    So browser extensions are finally making their way to Opera’s desktop browser product. The next release thereof, Opera 11, will boast the welcome new feature, although there’s no telling when even the alpha version of the browser will hit the Web exactly (the word is “very soon”). I caught up with Arnstein Teigene, who is product manager for desktop browser add-ons… Read More

  • Opera In Numbers (It's Pretty Huge)

    Evidently most of the coverage on Opera Software today revolves around what products and features are coming from the Norwegian company next (Opera Mobile for Android and desktop browser extension capabilities in Opera 11, to name but a few). But the company also took the time to tout its size this morning at the press event in Oslo, and I have to admit some of the numbers blew me away. Read More

  • Coming Soon: Opera Mobile For Android, Desktop Browser Extensions

    I’m here in Oslo, Norway, attending Opera Software‘s global press day, and the company’s just made a number of announcements on stage – unfortunately while I wasn’t able to enjoy a second of internet connectivity. Now that things have cleared up on that front, here are some of the most important things Opera’s executive team announced: Read More

  • Opera/Chrome Rivalry Gets The Hitler Video Treatment

    When Opera Software last week released the final version of its Opera browser (version 10.60), it titled its press release ‘What is faster than the fastest?’. The company touts other features, like built-in geolocation and webM support, as well but not nearly as much as it boasts about its browser’s speed. By doing so, the software maker aims to challenge claims that… Read More

  • Opera 10.60 Already Out Of Beta, Promises Speedier Web Browsing From The Desktop

    A mere two weeks after releasing the beta version, Opera Software has just announced that Opera 10.60 is now available in its final iteration. The desktop browser client, as mentioned in our earlier post, comes with geolocation (see an interactive map with downloads of the Opera browser in real time here), a fresh UI, WebM support for HTML5 video and speed improvements. Read More

  • The Mobile Web Lights Up Between 8 PM And Midnight

    Opera has released its latest State of the Mobile Web report, and once again it has registered reasonable growth, with Opera Mini users increasing by 4.2% compared to April 2010. Since that month, page views have also gone up 7.7%, Opera says. For this report, Opera analyzed one 24-hour period to see how Opera Mini is used throughout the day in the top 10 countries (Indonesia, Russia… Read More

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