Open source hardware

  • Fleks3D Lets You Pull Your 3D Prints Out Of Your Printer With A Quickness

    Fleks3D Lets You Pull Your 3D Prints Out Of Your Printer With A Quickness

    Pulling a 3D print out of your printer is usually a process fraught with conflict. Who will do it? Can you hire someone? Why does it have to be so painful? Has the deity abandoned us Earth people, leaving us to fend for ourselves in a cold, unfeeling universe? Probably not, but it’s still a pain in the butt. You see, normal 3D printers extrude onto a smooth build plate treated with either… Read More

  • Underwater Drone Startup OpenROV Launches A Super Fast Exploration Robot

    Trident is a remote-controlled, camera-equipped underwater drone – and it’s the fastest machine yet from underwater robotics startup OpenROV. Trident can go “as fast as Michael Phelps,” according to co-founders David Lang and Eric Stackpole. For reference, Phelps clocks in at 4.4 mph if you factor his record for 50.77 seconds in the 100 m. So that’s faster than… Read More

  • Littlebits Releases A Wonderful Gizmo And Gadgets Kit

    Littlebits Releases A Wonderful Gizmo And Gadgets Kit

    LittleBits are fantastic, but I’ve never been able to recommend them for kids. Most of the company’s kits are just not intuitive for novices, nor do they contain everything needed to make gadgets that will keep kids interested. Well, the NYC-based gadget just released a kit that addresses this issue and it should be perfect for budding makers. At least 12 gadgets can be made from… Read More

  • Small, Stackable And Cheap, Microduino Puts ‘Arduino In Your Pocket’

    Small, Stackable And Cheap, Microduino Puts ‘Arduino In Your Pocket’

    Microduino Studio wants to make Arduino more accessible by creating a smaller, flexible and cheaper hardware addition to the prototyping platform. All Arduino-compatible boards and extension modules created by Microduino are about the size of a quarter and stackable, which makes it easy to build micro-robotics and other small projects. Read More

  • New Marketplace: inMojo Is An Etsy For Open Source Hardware

    Hardware and gadget freaks with a penchant for hand-made open source hardware now have a marketplace, which lets them sell and buy open (source) hardware online and worldwide. For sellers, inMojo solves the problem of limited sales channels and great ideas simply getting lost in the crowd. Open hardware buyers now have a destination to discover and compare new open hardware products in a… Read More

  • Bug Labs announces five new BUGmodules

    It seems like TI’s DLP pico projectors are going to make a big push at this year’s CES. I mean, even Wowwee is getting into and we’ve caught wind of a few other big time players who are getting ready to announce similar devices over the course of the week. Bug Labs now has one and they’re calling it the BUGprojector. The other four BUGmodules include BUGsound, BUG3g… Read More

  • Fuzebox: open-source 8-bit game console

    Although I know that I personally will never play anything on one (nobody I know is crafty enough to put something together), I definitely respect this little guy. Looks like you can plug a couple SNES controllers right in there, load your homebrewed game off an SD card, and S-Video it out to your TV. The Fuzebox doesn’t have anything built in but a really basic BIOS and it has about… Read More

  • You want to see a video of the Bug Labs hardware in action, don't you? This is the first real demo of Bug Labs’ open source hardware thing. It’s a skeleton that you add components onto. If you want an MP3 playing camcorder and flashlight, you get those parts and put them together. And this is it working right now. Read More