• Ooma Gets $14 Million, Survival Looks Like A Real Possibility

    Ooma Gets $14 Million, Survival Looks Like A Real Possibility

    VoIP startup Ooma has raised another $14 million in venture capital, we've heard from multiple sources, increasing the total amount of capital the company has raised to $56 million. This most recent round of financing was led by existing investor Worldview Technology Partners and was a restructuring that wiped out earlier investors who chose not to participate in this round. The company was… Read More

  • Ooma Offline: If You Wanna Be A Phone Company, You Can’t Go Dead (Redux)

    Ooma Offline: If You Wanna Be A Phone Company, You Can’t Go Dead (Redux)

    Exactly one year ago today, a widespread outage hit Google's GrandCentral (recently upgraded and relaunched as Google Voice). At the time, we wrote "If you want to be a phone company, and get your users to rely on you to manage all of your incoming calls, this simply cannot happen". A year later those words ring true as a widespread outage has hit another VoIP provider: Ooma, the device that… Read More

  • Ooma looking good in this economy

    Ooma looking good in this economy

    Ooma – the $250 VoIP box that lets you make free calls in the US (and that lets you call the US for free from international locales, an undocumented perk to be sure) – is getting more and more popular thanks to the downturn. With a new Chief Marketing Officer, Rich Buchanan, and a new price the system is now selling like cakes that are hot. The boxes are now sold at 1,300 stores and a… Read More

  • ooma officially brings out some new hardware, calls it Telo

    ooma officially brings out some new hardware, calls it Telo

    ooma has officially unveiled their new hardware at CES for the rest of the world to see and they've dubbed it Telo. It's a cordless handset to go along with their VoIP service. Read More

  • One Year Later: Ooma

    Consumer VoIP startup Ooma launched nearly a year ago and offered consumers free phone service for life, all you had to do was buy the hardware for $399. Just one problem. The sticker shock of paying $399 up front for the hardware put a lot of users off. And there weren’t many places you could actually buy the Ooma. It went on sale on their website in August 2007. When a number of key… Read More

  • Ooma not failing, is fine, don't worry

    Ooma not failing, is fine, don't worry

    Ooma, everyone’s favorite box that offers free phone calls and looks cool, isn’t failing, at least according to a tip by Pat Phelan of Cubic Telecom. Trying to get further info. The company, backed by Ashton Kutcher, looked like it was going under last week according to a post by Valleywag. I’ve tried the service and it works well enough. It basically offers seamless free VoIP… Read More

  • Founders Fund Closes $220 Million Second Fund

    Founders Fund Closes $220 Million Second Fund

    San Francisco based Founders Fund launched in 2005 with a $50 million venture fund. They’ve had two liquidity events since then, and a handful of other very high profile investments (Facebook, Powerset, Ooma, Quantcast, Slide, Geni, Causes, etc.). Today they will announce a second fund, Founders Fund II. It’s much larger – $220 million. And unlike the first fund, the money comes… Read More

  • Being Stupid And Litigious Is No Way To Go Through Life

    In the past we’ve posted communications whenever someone has threatened to sue us. I think it’s entertaining, and it hopefully makes people think twice before firing up the legal machine with ridiculous claims. So when YouTube sent us a cease and desist letter, I posted it. And when that asshole Shannon Terry threatened to sue us out of existence, I posted that too. Now the most… Read More

  • Ooma's First (Drug Induced?) Viral Video

    http://www.brightcove.tv/playerswf New consumer VOIP service Ooma officially launched yesterday and began selling units on their website. See additional coverage from Dean Takahashi and Adweek. They also released their first (drug induced?) viral video to promote the service, which I have embedded above. The video was conceptualized by Ashton Kutcher, the company’s creative director (hear… Read More

  • Hey, Maybe Vonage Isn't Dead Yet

    Vonage released its second quarter financial results today (I’ve embedded the release below with the new Zoho Viewer that launched last night). And while the stock continues to slide, revenues are way up and losses are slowing. Perhaps they can avoid the fate of competitor SunRocket, which shut down last month. The company also says that they have “substantially completed” the… Read More