• Is OnLive OnCrack?

    Is OnLive OnCrack?

    We just tried out OnLive, and of course it worked perfectly, being a demonstration on the order of 8-10 machines set up by the company itself. The people we talked to were naturally very optimistic, and my concerns over the availability and reliability of multi-megabit connections were waved away. That isn’t the only problem, though. OnLive will need a top-tier computer for every player at… Read More

  • Video: Demo of OnLive

    Douglas did a fine job detailing what OnLive is yesterday and today we’re bringing you a hands-on demo of the cloud gaming service from the GDC show floor. The chap who gave us the demo does a find job of explaining how OnLive works in case you missed yesterday’s post. Sit tight and watch Devin suck at GRID. We questioned one of the OnLive developers about possible bandwidth issues because of… Read More

  • Can OnLive’s cloud gaming service threaten traditional consoles?

    Can OnLive’s cloud gaming service threaten traditional consoles?

    A very interesting gaming service called OnLive was introduced at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco last night. OnLive consists of a small browser plug-in that lets you play games online, with all the heavy lifting done by OnLive’s servers – effectively meaning that if the service can live up to its promises, you’d have yourself a gaming platform that never gets obsolete and… Read More