• Once Magazine Brings Compelling Photojournalism To Your iPad

    Once Magazine Brings Compelling Photojournalism To Your iPad

    Do you remember when photojournalism and photographic stories used to be a more central part of the news reading experience? Granted, those were the days when print publishing reigned supreme and photo-centric news magazines represented some of the highest circulation periodicals in American publishing. There’s no better example of this than Life Magazine, which sold 13.5 million copies… Read More

  • CG Holiday Recommendation: Once

    . BTW – On the hill, when she looks up at him and says something in Czech? She’s saying “I love you.” Product Page Read More

  • The random endorsement: the movie "Once"

    Well, well, I’ve just been giving permission to expand my “Random Endorsement” column beyond the world of tech. That’s fantastic news for everyone, because, if you couldn’t already tell, I was running out of tech-related things to endorse. Today I endorse the movie “Once,” easily the best movie I’ve seen all year, and that includes… Read More