• Timing Is Everything: Indie Movie Discovery Platform Prescreen To Close Its Doors

    Timing Is Everything: Indie Movie Discovery Platform Prescreen To Close Its Doors

    It was just last September that we covered the launch of Prescreen, the startup founded by former Groupon and Zoosk execs that aimed to help independent films find the publicity they nearly always lack. To do so, they built a curated, on-demand video platform that would give filmmakers and distributors an alternative to traditional ad and distribution channels, while giving users an easy way… Read More

  • Live TV Is For Old People: Time Shifting And Online Make Up Nearly Half Of All Viewing

    Live TV Is For Old People: Time Shifting And Online Make Up Nearly Half Of All Viewing

    Between online video, DVRs, and on-demand cable the amount of time people spend watching live TV (you know, with all of those commercials that advertisers spend $70 billion a year on) is shrinking fast. Only 52 percent of American’s viewing time is spent on live TV compared to online and time-shifting alternatives, according to a new survey of 1,000 American consumers by market… Read More

  • Phonevision, the video on-demand service of yesteryear

    So you’re out and about with the Misses, enjoying a nice night on the town. Maybe doing some light shopping in the downtown area. You know, a date night. Anyway, you both decide that you wanna watch a movie when you get home. So instead of stopping at a video rental store, you just dial a number and the movie is ready when you two get home. The future starts now, in 1951, with… Read More

  • Warner Bros launches on-demand DVD service

    With the massive onslaught of downloadable and/or streaming content from service providers like Netflix, Vudu and Hulu; Hollywood studios are hurting for revenue from DVD sales, but Warner Bros may have an ace in the hole. They’re now offering the WB archive of over 6800 films for a new “made-to-order” service. To date, WB has only released 1200 of those films since entering… Read More

  • TiVo to get Disney movie rentals later this year

    TiVo and Disney-ABC have forged an agreement to allow users to rent movies from the Walt Disney Studios catalogue later this year. Some of the movies will be available in high definition, although it’s unclear just how much of the catalog will be hi-def versus standard definition. Rentals will be facilitated through CinemaNow and will work on all Series 2 and Series 3 TiVo boxes. Read More

  • Apple hearts HBO, HBO hearts Apple

    It seems like a perfect match. HBO with its commercial-free, high-quality programming (but smaller audience), and Apple with its huge audience but lacking a lot of the shows I want to be watching: John Adams, The Wire, Flight of the Conchords. It’s no surprise they’re getting busy. HBO actually already has an online distribution service, but it’s only for members and is… Read More

  • DVR, web video blamed for prime time decline

    The New York Times has a piece on the impact that digital video recording, on-demand offerings, and web video services have had on advertising budgets for prime time television slots. Apparently if people aren’t actually watching TV during prime time, it makes advertising “trickier to measure and pitch to marketers,” resulting in less ad revenue, giving the networks… Read More

  • Hulu coming to a mobile phone/internet device near you?

    Jason Kilar, the CEO of NBC’s web-TV site Hulu, has suggested at NAB that Hulu may be on its way to other net-enabled gadgets. He says they’re “ripe for the Hulu experience,” whatever that is. Sounds like a psychedelic rock band from Japan: The Hulu Experience presents OTOFOKASURENZU. Moving on: Kilar also talked about picking up cult hits like Felicity and… Read More

  • DirecTV ramping up to offer on-demand features

    In the coming months, DirecTV subscribers will finally have access to on-demand content. Popular movies will automatically get pushed to set-top DVR boxes via satellite and everything else will be downloaded as it’s requested using the boxes’ built-in Ethernet ports. It’s not a perfect solution, as automatically pushed content can take up precious hard drive space… Read More

  • HBO goes online, finally

    That’s right, kiddies. Starting tomorrow you’ll be able to download HBO shows including hits like John From Cincinnati and Rome. Oh, yeah, those have both been canceled, right? Well, Flight of the Conchords and Entourage are still around. HBO’s way of bringing content online is unique in that it won’t be Web-based streaming like we’re used to with other networks. Read More