• Clef Two-Factor Authentication with Your Phone

    Clef Offers Two-Factor Authentication Without All The Codes

    The last year has been full of security breaches that have shown the importance of having strong safeguards for our data. As we put more personal and private information in the cloud, there are ever more avenues of attack to reach the things we’d like to keep to ourselves. One popular defense you can use to bolster data security on most services is two-factor authentication. Basically… Read More

  • It’s Time For A Special Regulatory Zone Crunch Network

    It’s Time For A Special Regulatory Zone

    Your government is the enemy of the future. Innovative technology that would disrupt the world as we know it is already here, but oppressive government bureaucrats keep getting in its way. Taxi commissions vs. Uber; the FDA vs 23AndMe; the FAA vs. Amazon Prime Air; the DMV vs. self-driving cars; governments everywhere vs. Bitcoin. This is intolerable and must stop. The government must get out… Read More