• NYC Rises As A Hub For Software-As-A-Service Startups Crunch Network

    NYC Rises As A Hub For Software-As-A-Service Startups

    As the market continues to mature, and as we watch a blossoming of SaaS activity in New York City, we believe that NYC is poised to become a genuine leader in the formation of companies leading the next wave of enterprise transformation. Read More

  • NYC May Integrate Apple Pay, Bitcoin, PayPal For Parking Tickets

    NYC May Integrate Apple Pay, Bitcoin, PayPal For Parking Tickets

    Given that NYC is the greatest city in the world (I’m definitely not biased), it makes sense that the Big Apple is looking to give its residents a better way to pay off their many parking tickets. According to MarketWatch, the city of New York issues eight to ten million parking tickets each year, coming out to around $30 billion in revenue for the city. That said, the city is… Read More

  • Uber Adds A $2 Booking Fee To UberT Rides In NYC

    Uber Adds A $2 Booking Fee To UberT Rides In NYC

    Uber has added a $2 booking fee to uberT rides in NYC, which is charged through the app to your credit card on file, despite the fact that uberT rides still require users to pay their driver the metered fare separately in the city and boroughs. Uber says the fee is being added “on behalf of yellow and boro taxi drivers who utilize the platform,” and then goes on to remind Uber… Read More

  • Chromebooks Get Blanket Approval For NYC Schools

    Chromebooks Get Blanket Approval For NYC Schools

    Google is already leading the pack in terms of tablets and notebooks sold to K-12 education providers, according to recent numbers from research firm IDC, and now it has gained another powerful new ally: The New York City Department of Education. The NYC CIO has signed on with Chromebooks, and Google Apps for Education, as par of their approved and supported (from an IT standpoint) tools for… Read More

  • Shout Is A Real-Time Classifieds App That Lets You Exchange Anything

    Shout Is A Real-Time Classifieds App That Lets You Exchange Anything

    Craigslist has come to be known as a modern take on the classifieds section of a newspaper, but Zachariah Reitano and Henri Stern want to go further and provide a real-time exchange service. That’s where Shout comes in. Read More

  • Meet The Companies Pitching At The Washington D.C. And NYC Meetups

    Meet The Companies Pitching At The Washington D.C. And NYC Meetups

    Buckle up, NYC and Washington D.C., because we have a sick roster of Pitch-Off companies for this week’s meetups. We’ll be hitting D.C. on March 18, at The Park at Fourteenth, and then we’ll rock on over to my turf in New York City to hang out with Silicon Alley at Santos Party House. As per usual, our meetups are full of booze and networking, as well as a pitch… Read More

  • TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield

    Help Us Kickstart The Big Apple: Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield Applications Are Due Monday

    Startup Battlefield is the heart and soul of Disrupt. It’s one of the best platforms in the world to launch your startup, and we’re looking for the very best startups to feature at Disrupt NY this April. But applications are due this Monday. They have to be submitted and completed by February 25th at 11:59 PST. You need to get cracking. Read More

  • Six Really Useful Apps For NYC

    Six Really Useful Apps For NYC

    Like everyone else in New York, I tend to have strong opinions on what places my friends (and foes) should or should not frequent while in NYC. While I don’t claim to know everything about this city and what treasures, I’ve learned a thing or two about differentiating the good from the awesome and bad over the last 6+ years. A recent influx of friendly faces from San Francisco… Read More

  • ZabKab Lets You Hail A NYC Yellow Cab With Your Phone

    ZabKab Lets You Hail A NYC Yellow Cab With Your Phone

    Services like Uber, Taxi Magic, Cabulous, and SideCar are completely disrupting the way we get around our cities. But almost all of them use private services, excluding the city’s public transportation. But a new startup has joined the pack of transportationally gifted companies, and (wait for it) with New York’s infamous yellow cabs. No joke. It’s called ZabKab. Read More

  • Aereo Offers A “Try For Free” Option In NYC; Android And PC Support Later This Summer

    Aereo Offers A “Try For Free” Option In NYC; Android And PC Support Later This Summer

    After a small victory in court this past July, NYC-based Aereo today announced a new set of pricing options and the end of the invitation-only rollout for the live broadcast TV over the Internet startup. The service is still only available to those physically residing in New York City but for those of us elsewhere, we can now choose from four different pricing options and even a free to… Read More

  • The TechCrunch Meet-Up In NYC Is Officially Official: RSVP Now

    The TechCrunch Meet-Up In NYC Is Officially Official: RSVP Now

    As the days pass, the big moment draws nigh. No, I’m not talking about Disrupt, which is a big moment in its own right, nor am I teasing any other big launch. I’m talking about a party. A huge party. We initially called it a mini meet-up — a gathering of New York’s tech startup scene, including investors, entrepreneurs and TechCrunch editorial — but its grown… Read More

  • NYC BigApps Ideas Turns Challenge On its Head, Asks For Problems To Solve

    New York City likes to put out its BigApps challenge to get developers to come up with apps that make living in the city better. (Recent winners include parking finder and pick-up game organizing apps). But the city is now trying something different with its BigApps Ideas Challenge. Instead of asking developers for apps, the challenge is asking for problems that can be solved with apps. … Read More

  • DreamIt Ventures Announces Its First Batch Of NYC Startups

    In January of this year, DreamIt Ventures, a Philadelphia-based VC firm and startup accelerator, announced that it would be expanding to the Big Apple, creating a startup accelerator program based in New York City. The program offers $25,000 in seed funding to its portfolio companies, along with coaching, exclusive speaking engagements, a chance to pitch at a Demo Day to affiliated angel… Read More

  • NYC Hack Is Back

    There’s something happening in New York City. New York Tech Meetup just announced they will be presenting hack demo at every one of their sold out events, New York’s first Music Hackday is hitting this weekend and it will be quickly followed by Foursquare’s first hackday the weekend after. Did the TC Disrupt Hackathon prefigure a growing trend here in the Big Apple? This… Read More

  • Startup Accelerator DreamIt Ventures Takes Manhattan

    Over the past year, the support system for New York City entrepreneurs and tech startups has grown significantly including the addition of: TechStars NYC mentoring and seed funding program, a new Manhattan branch of Accel Partners, and the opening of a startup academy and co-work space for startups and serial entrepreneurs, General Today, DreamIt Ventures announced its expansion to… Read More

  • NYC To Get Wi-Fi In Parks, But It's Free For Only 30 Minutes Per Month

    The City of New York giveth, and it taketh away. On this fine morning when we discover that there’s a proposal to ban smoking from all city parks and beaches we also discover that city parks will be gaining Wi-Fi access points, courtesy of Time Warner and Cablevision, the two big local cable companies. Well, not really “courtesy of,” since there’s a whole bunch of… Read More

  • Cab drivers in New York could lose their cellphones (to promote safe driving)

    The Taxi and Limousine Commission in New York wants passengers to have a safe, swift ride every time they flags down one of its taxis. To that end the commission is studying several ideas that would make your journey all the more pleasant. One idea in particular deserves our attention: installing signal blockers that would prevent cellphones from being using by the cabbie. (Your cellphone… Read More

  • T-Mobile BIS down in NYC everywhere? [Update 2]

    I haven’t been getting e-mails to my BlackBerry in the last couple hours and a quick survey on Twitter reveals a couple of other folks haven’t been getting their e-mails either. Friends not on Twitter have been complaining about it as well. What’s up, T-Mobile? Looks like folks on AT&T and Verizon haven’t been getting e-mails on their BlackBerrys as well. Update: I… Read More

  • Let's have a tea party: Taxes make up one-third of New Yorkers' cellphone bill

    Tea party! Yes, in the spirit of all those completely artificial tea parties that have been annoying Tweeple from Maine to Hawaii, the New York Post wants to let its readership know that New York State has the fourth highest cellphone taxes in the country. Fourth! That’s almost high enough to give a damn. Read More

  • The Sims 3 billboards pop up all over the USA

    Considering that, on average, some 40 million people walk through Times Square per year, you’ve got to assume that EA has high hopes for The Sims 3. You don’t spend that kind of money on billboards promoting the game—billboard in Times Square, depending on location, costs in the tens of thousands of dollars per day—without thinking, “Yup, this game will carry us… Read More

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